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Recently health-care professionals choose the OET exam over the IELTS exam. Let’s find out what the reasons are! What is the OET Exam? OET The Occupational English Test is the English language test for healthcare professionals. It evaluates the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who want to register and practice in English-speaking countries. OET measures all four language skills…

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Some modifications regarding STEP 1 & 2 exams are to be clarified as follows:   STEP 1 is to contain more communication skills questions and STEP 2 is to contain more ethics-related questions. The modification is not huge, they are to remove one question from the major subjects like physiology, for example, and replace it with communication skills questions in…

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So why did we start-off this article by mentioning that Nutrition is a joker medical speciality? Because whether you are a physician, a pharmacist or any other healthcare professional you can get the chance to study it. Nutrition is becoming very important, we can even say it is becoming a trend. Because of the sedentary lifestyle, we are living in…

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