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Dentistry is one of the most important branches of medicine that studies, diagnoses and treats pathological problems of the oral cavity, teeth and diseases of the jaws as well. It also treats the defect that affects the tissues that connect the mouth to protect against any diseases, and it is divided into various specialties. This medical profession is not confined to dental issues only. It deals with the craniofacial complex, which includes the mandibular and temporomandibular structures, as well as other supporting structures around the mouth and face. That what we called the specialization in cosmetic dentistry.

This specialty helps to obtain the natural shape of the mouth and hide all its defects, and achieves a harmonious appearance with whitening the front part of the teeth, making it like pearls between the lips. Cosmetic dentistry treats orthodontics, and enables people to get beautiful white teeth, so that no one can differentiate between the teeth that have been treated from the natural teeth, and it also treats the teeth and makes them stronger and more durable.

What Are the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Human teeth change shape and color throughout time and are subject to a variety of disorders that impair personal appearance for a variety of reasons. People who smoke, drink caffeinated beverages, and engage in other dangerous activities turn to cosmetic dentistry.

The following are the various types of cosmetic dentistry:

  • Bonding Cosmetic: It uses bonding materials to treat the roots and cavities of the teeth.
  • Cosmetic Veneers: They are porcelain veneers that work on the appearance of the teeth in a distinctive and attractive color.
  • Cosmetic Crowns: It works to restore the teeth to their natural appearance and treat front teeth problems.
  • Orthodontic Cosmetics: It contributes to solving dental problems, such as restoring the teeth to their natural position and jaw disorders.
  • Cosmetic Implants: It is a process in which the doctor implants the teeth, but it is highly regulated and very expensive.

What Issues Concern Cosmetic Dentistry?

Beautiful teeth are often considered healthy. However, the smile is not just about the teeth. The full picture includes gums, lips, face shape and symmetry.

This makes cosmetic dentistry a very unusual field, combining medicine, art and philosophy. When choosing the right methods to achieve the effect of a dazzling smile, the doctor should consider the following:

  1. The golden ratio rule that ensures attractive spacing between teeth.
  2. A red white aesthetic describes the relationship between teeth, gums and lips.
  3. Oval face when choosing the shape of the artificial tooth.

Types of Teeth Whitening

In the following lines, we will learn about different methods of teeth whitening in the cosmetic dentistry field:

  1. Teeth whitening at home or bleaching by molds

Because it is inexpensive and simple to use, at-home teeth whitening, also known as over-the-counter teeth whitening, has grown in popularity. Although the whitening gel contains less hydrogen peroxide than the whitening treatments used by dentists more frequently, good results can be achieved, though it will take longer. Teeth whitening under the supervision of a professional is the safest for tooth enamel.

  1. Internal Bleaching 

Internal tooth whitening entails setting peroxide crystals in the tooth. In order to carry out this form of bleaching, the basis canal remedy have to be finished before the technique begins. 

  1. Laser Tooth Whitening 

Teeth whitening has been done for decades by administering hydrogen peroxide to the teeth to eliminate stains, but it took numerous sessions to get the desired effects. Because the laser promotes the chemical reaction of the solution – and whitens the teeth in half the time – this procedure has been substantially expedited thanks to technological advancements.

Does Teeth Whitening Considered Safe?

Teeth whitening is considered safe in cosmetic dentistry, but you may experience some side effects that fade over time.

Those were some details about cosmetic dentistry. It is very important to consult your dentist before doing any dental procedure at home, especially teeth whitening. Try to avoid listening to myths and rumors about teeth whitening, such as using acids (lemons) and salt for brighter tooth.

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