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connecting healthcare professional

to Medical Courses, Conferences & Jobs

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Our mission

Connecting healthcare professionals to educational, professional and business opportunities

around the globe through accessible, convenient and cost-effective technology-based solutions to contribute to the knowledge and professional growth of the healthcare community.

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Our History

Being Healthcare Professionals ourselves

We have always been familiar with how hard it is to find & offer an educational, business or professional opportunity. No solution has ever been capable to digitize healthcare professional experiences conveniently, given that the opportunities are as specialized and as fragmented as the industry itself. We have been on both sides of the fence, that’s why CoatConnect came up. CoatConnect is changing how healthcare professionals find specialized medical events, how they search and apply to jobs, internships, trainings, scholarships or any other opportunity by digitizing the whole process of event booking and job finding. Our platform helps healthcare institutions showcase their offerings (i.e. courses, conferences, hands-on trainings, etc.) to an ever-growing network of healthcare professionals enabling them to search, book and pay anytime, anywhere. Our services include: Event Listing, Booking, Payment, Online Advertising & Email Marketing.

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Our Vision

Taking the whole healthcare professional experience online.