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Final Call for Startups, Deadline is today!

Do you have an idea or a startup that could help humanity hack the virus or make our lives easier while facing such a global challenge?

Get your startup funded Now!

Coat Connect has brought you the Online Coronavirus Battle Africa: Online Event for Startups and VCs – an online pitch event for startups that are fighting COVID-19 or protecting people against the disease, organized by Startup.Network to showcase your idea to the best investors and VCs.

Up to 20 best startups will be selected for the online pitch session. More than 40 Venture Capital experts and investors are joining our JURY Expert Board, including 500 Startups, Bay Angels, MEST Africa, Trium, Africa Impact Ventures, Compass Venture Capital, Hemi Ventures, Mindrock Capital, Contrarian Ventures, IxD Capital, Waymaker Venture and Atlantica Ventures. The list is being updated each day.

We know that many of you are locked up at home or suffer from the restrictions and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 situation all around the world.

We are announcing a new era of fighting against the disease – Coronavirus Battles!

We are addressing all startups – wherever you are/ whatever you do – if you are fighting the coronavirus itself, or your solution protects from infection, or helps people to stay safe, or your product supports people in overcoming the disease and its consequences – you are our HERO.

VCs, private investors, business-angels and funds from all over the world are waiting for your solution that will change the life of everyone for the better.

We are all waiting to fund you and your solution.

Now is the right time.

Join us now and Let’s fight!

*Participation is Free for Startups, Judges and Guests.


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