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Major changes are taking over the world due to the current pandemic. Most of us have to stay at home, work from home and study from home as a humble attempt to save ourselves and the rest of the world. Most of our activities are transitioning from offline to online.
Let’s dig deeper into how the current circumstances made us, as healthcare professionals, more aware of the many advantages online medical learning has.

Initiatives & Online Medical Courses

Many educational organizations started initiatives in response to the current crisis to encourage people to stay at home. Coursera, for example, started the initiative: Coursera Together that offers free online learning and community resources.
Online medical courses got lucky with these initiatives as a lot of medical educational websites started to offer their courses for free. Of course, not all of these websites offer certificates for the medical courses they give access to. But at least the material is open for everyone to benefit from. With this explosion of free courses and open access to various medical material, what better timing for online medical courses to boom?!

COVID-19, We Need to Know More About You!

COVID-19 is a topic that every healthcare professional is eager to know more about. It is the enemy, and we are the army, the white army as they call us. In order to beat your enemy you have to know everything about it, right? We do not know much about it still, but thanks to internet and technology, the world is more connected than ever before. Doctors from all around the world are sharing new info they get to know about the virus every day. Various webinars are taking place weekly to discuss the symptoms of COVID-19, its potential treatment options and the correlation and effects it has on other diseases. The WHO itself is offering free educational courses about COVID-19. You can also browse CoatConnect to find more related COVID-19 courses.

Goodbye Stereotypes!

Online education was often related to some stereotypes. Some people used to think that if they do not see their lecturer face to face then it is all unreal or unprofessional. Such thoughts might be more relevant among elder generations. Hopefully, those discouraging thoughts are starting to fade away.
Maybe not all of us are super fans of online learning and prefer other offline learning options instead. Offline learning has its own advantages and perks as well. But let’s admit that we have no option other than online learning nowadays. This is leading us to experience and focus on the wide advantages it got. Sometimes we do not discover the good out of something until we are forced to try.
Let’s move along and talk about the perks!

Perks of Online Learning

Freedom is the greatest perk of online learning and freedom here comes in various forms and meanings.
Freedom to choose whatever you want to learn. You do not have to stick to a certain profession or topic and this allows for wider opportunities. Maybe you are a dentist who is interested in psychology for example. You knew about that free introductory course to psychology and you have enough time to take it, what is going to hold you back? Nothing for sure! You want to increase your knowledge and feel satisfied as you learn more about something you are passionate about.
Freedom again it is. With online learning, you have the freedom to choose the time and place you want to study and review your lessons. Are you a night owl who concentrates more at night? Well, your time to thrive and shine is here.
To sum it up, the perks are freedom, more opportunities & flexibility.

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