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Some modifications regarding STEP 1 & 2 exams are to be clarified as follows:


  • STEP 1 is to contain more communication skills questions and STEP 2 is to contain more ethics-related questions.
  • The modification is not huge, they are to remove one question from the major subjects like physiology, for example, and replace it with communication skills questions in STEP 1.
  • Management questions are to be transferred to STEP 2.
  • The previous modifications are to be applied at the beginning of October to STEP 1 and in November for STEP 2.


We think that these changes might help make the exam easier, and it might greatly affect the score as well.


Regarding Management:

Pharmacology is still going to be 15-22% of the exam. Most questions will probably be side effects, but you should still know what general class of drugs is used for what

Step2-style pharmacotherapy questions (like choosing between drugs within the same class for a child vs an adult) will probably be taken out.


Best of Regards to you all.



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