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In an effort to further our understanding of how AI can be applied to healthcare, Udacity held its first-ever virtual conference titled: “AI for Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19” on 12th & 13th may 2020.

The two-day, free conference gathered thought leaders who work at the intersection of technology and medicine to discuss how AI has unearthed compelling datasets that can change the way we scale healthcare, help us understand this current pandemic and prevent future ones.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Preventing Pandemics
  • Ethics of AI
  • Deciphering data & How AI is Helping Fight the Spread of COVID-19
  • Top Use Cases in AI & How to Scope Them.
  • The diagnostic potential of Retinal AI.
  • Predicting Disease with AI, How AI Improves Clinical Decision-making
  • What’s on the Cutting-edge of AI?

Don’t worry if you missed it live, Coatconnect brought all webinar sessions to you. 

Watch it now !!

Additionally, Get the chance and register now and attend the coursework for the AI for Healthcare Nanodegree program — where you can collaborate on a project and gain practical skills in AI in healthcare that they can use immediately.

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