Nutrition & Obesity Management for Adult & Pediatrics - التغذية العلاجية والسِمنة والنحافة

Nutrition & Obesity Management for Adult & Pediatrics - التغذية العلاجية والسِمنة والنحافة

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26 June, 2020 - 30 October, 2020


Nutrition & Obesity Management for Adult & Pediatric

The program offers you the theoretical study and specialized practical training you need to be a professional dietitian.


  • Basic Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Assessment
  • Energy Requirement
  • Nutrition Assessment and Planning Healthy Diet
  • Weight Management in Case of Obesity & Underweight
  • Pregnant and Lactating Women Nutrition
  • Childhood and Adolescence Nutrition
  • Basics of Pediatric Nutrition and Obesity
  • Geriatric Nutrition
  • Nutrition in Case of DM and HTN
  • Nutrition in Coronary and Hepatic Disease
  • Nutrition in Renal Stones and Renal Disease
  • Nutrition in Cancer and Carcinogenic Foods
  • Nutrition in GIT Disease and Irritable Bowel
  • Nutrition in Exercise and Sports Performance
  • Gym and Clinic Quality, and how to create your own career to earn money from Diet planning

Pediatric Topics:

  • Basic Principles about Pediatric Nutrition
  • Food Composition
  • Pediatric Requirement from Vitamins and Minerals
  • Body Assessment
  • Dietary Assignment
  • Different types of Diets
  • Principles of Balanced Diet
  • Breast Feeding and Artificial Feeding
  • Principles of Complementary Feeding
  • Complications of Pediatric Obesity
  • FDA Approved Drugs
  • Growth Charts 
  • International Dietary guidelines for Pediatrics
  • How to plan a meal for a child with diabetic, hepatic and renal disorders

Number of Lectures: 18 - One Lecture Weekly

Lecture Duration: 4 hrs/ Online Live

Program Duration: 4 months

Practical Content:

- Dietetic History Taking

- General Clinical Ex., Anthropocentric Ex.

- Interpretation of Investigation results and Reports

- Case Study

Event Date

26 June, 2020
30 October, 2020

12:00 م to 12:00 م

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