MFD Part Two Preparatory Course

MFD Part Two Preparatory Course

Web Conferences
30 May, 2020 - 15 October, 2020


MFD Part 2 Preparatory Course

Course director/ DR Esraa Gomaa

We are updating our online course, so you can enjoy the following:

1- Interactive live lectures

All lectures are live where you can participate via voice or chatting.

2- All our lectures will be recorded

Listen to the lectures whenever, wherever you want throughout the course duration.

3- Classroom

A customized easily accessible application, where all questions, quizzes, files and pdfs will be uploaded to keep you updated.

4- Live Webinar Monthly

A live lecture with Dr Esraa Gomaa to discuss and answer all of your questions.

Course is fully available Online.

*Part one lectures are available for free upon registration*

MFD Part Two for November 2020 exam.

Event Date

30 May, 2020
15 October, 2020

04:00 م to 08:00 م


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