International Dental Conference

International Dental Conference

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15 September, 2020 - 18 September, 2020


Apply now to attend international Dental Conference held by Delta University.

The conference presents more than 20 international foreign speakers and 20 Egyptian talented speakers.

Opening day schedule:

  • Creating the ultimate patient experience by Prof.Rodrigo Madraza.
  • Evaluation of the biological behavior of human gingival fibroblast in the gingival tissue

and periodontal augmentation by Prof.Ahmed Gamal.

  • Is Sinus Lifting an Absolute Necessity in the Management of
  • The Posterior Atrophic Maxilla ? by Prof.Nabil Barkat .


  • The conference is totally free.
  • You can obtain your attendance certificate with only 100E.G .

Event Date

15 September, 2020
18 September, 2020

03:00 م to 05:00 م

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