ICO 1 Course (English)

ICO 1 Course (English)

Web Conferences
4 April, 2020 - 4 July, 2020


What will you get in the course?!

- Increase your knowledge and understanding of the ICO Part 1 examination.

- Complete the online course.

- 26 lectures to demonstrate all topics of Optics and Basic Science (2 Lectures per week).

- More than 60 Hours.

- The curriculum is according to the new format & syllabus.

- Training to solve questions on each topic.

- Question banks & recalls.

- The material and sources of your study.

- Courses are designed for all categories (Weak or Advanced) of candidates.

- Direct support by your mentor through a private WhatsApp Group.

- A lot of tests during the course.

- Simulation exam after completion of course.

- Course duration is about 3 months. The lectures are already recorded, book and join immediately!

- This course is lectured in English.


Dr. Kamal Farrag & Dr. Assem Anwer

Certified from CoNNect Academy

Great teaching experience

ICO 1 Course Curriculum

1/ Anatomy of skull & bony orbit

2/ Cranial nerves

3/ Cranial nerves 2, anatomy of extraocular muscles, physiology of extraocular muscles & eye movements

4/ Anatomy of the blood supply of the globe & orbit, anatomy of the cornea, physiology of the cornea

5/ Physiology of the cornea 2, anatomy of the anterior segment of the globe, anatomy of the crystalline lens

6/ Anatomy of the middle coat of the globe, physiology of the crystalline lens

7/ Physiology of aqueous humour, physiology of accommodation, physiology of the pupil

8/ Anatomy of the retina, physiology of visual pathway

9/ Physiology of retina, physiology of vision

10/ Visual adaptation, binocular single vision, ocular pharmacology

11/ Anatomy of eyelid, conjunctiva & lacrimal system, physiology of eyelid

12/ Physiology of color vision, electrophysiology

13/ Visual acuity in adult & children

14/ Ocular embryology

15/ General Pathology

This course has a version for Arabic speakers, as well. You can check it below:

تتوّفر نسخة للمتحدثين باللغة العربية من هذا الكورس


Event Date

4 April, 2020
4 July, 2020

06:00 ص to 08:00 ص

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