Condensed Basic Dental Implant Online Course

Condensed Basic Dental Implant Online Course

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Dental Implantology
21 June, 2020 - 27 June, 2020


Condensed Basic Dental Implant Online Course

Dr. Ahmed Halim


  • Patient selection
  • Treatment planning
  • Basic surgical protocol
  • bone expansion
  • Flapless surgery
  • Immediate loading
  • Immediate implant placement
  • Prosthesis biomechanics
  • Complications and failures
  • Patient selection and treatment planning workshop

Dr. Mohamed

  • Introduction to CBCT & How it revolutionized Dentistry.
  • Basic knowledge of CBCT interpretation. (How to Read CBCT?!)
  • Basic knowledge of CBCT applications (How to Use CBCT Software ?
  • Vital Structure tracing \\ Implant treatment planning.
  • Introduction to guided surgery & prosthetic driven implantology.

Dr. Soulafa Mohamed Belal

  • Periodontal Surgery:-
  • Hard tissue management in implant dentistry:-
  • Different situations indicated for grafting.
  • Types of barrier membranes.
  • Types of bone grafts.
  • Growth factors role in implant dentistry.
  • Biological concepts of bone grafting.
  • Different techniques for ridge augmentation.
  • Socket preservation.
  • Soft tissue management in implant dentistry:-
  • One stage VS two stage surgery. \\ Types of flaps.
  • Different flap design in second stage surgery.
  • Different suturing techniques and materials.

Dr. Mustafa Nour

  • Introduction to Implant prosthetic( analogue and digital workflow)
  • Healing abutments( types and functions)
  • Implant prosthetics component
  • Loading protocols( immediate- progressive - delayed)
  • Impression techniques
  • Abutment selection( types- technique- materials)
  • Lab fabrication techniques
  • Screw Vs. cent retained restorations
  • Virtual implant planning
  • Digital workflow in implant backward planning
  • Full arch hybrid prosthesis
  • Occlusion consideration (implant protected occlusion)

Duration: 7 days

Credit hours: 40

From ESOI approved by American Dental Association ADA

with Dr. Ahmed Halim Ayoub

President of Egyptian Society of Oral Implantology (ESOI)

Cancellation Policy:

10% of the total fees of the diploma will be deducted in case of asking to refund the paid deposit before the lectures' starting as an administration fee. 

Student has no right to refund any of the paid amounts after the second lecture. 

Event Date

21 June, 2020
27 June, 2020

08:00 م to 04:00 م

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