X-Ray Bundle

X-Ray Bundle

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Bundle Content:

1)Tips & Tricks of Radiography in Daily Practice:

In this course you will learn about Purchasing stage, Imaging Stage and Interpretation stage.

 What will you learn:

 Purchasing Stage

  • Intra-oral X-ray machine
  • Hand-held x-ray machine
  • X-ray film
  • Digital sensors & plates

 Imaging Stage

  • Infection Control Protocol
  • How to set the exposure time?
  • How to deal with Gag Reflex?
  • How to deal with Floor of mouth during imaging?
  • Bitewing Technique
  • Paralleling Technique
  • Tube-Shift Technique
  • Film Processing

 Interpretation Stage

  • Normal Anatomy
  • Conditions Needs No Treatment
  • Common Pathological Conditions
  • Dental Caries

2)Cone beam CT in implantology (CBCT and Dental Implant From A to Z):


  • Select the suitable radiographic technique in pre, intra and post-operative stages of dental implantology.
  • Write CBCT request.
  • Interpret CBCT images accurately in simple steps.
  • Draw an accurate panoramic curve on Romexis and On-demand software.
  • Draw accurate nerve tracing on Romexis and On-demand software.
  • Place virtual implant on Romexis and On-demand software.


  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV

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