Restorative Diploma

Restorative Diploma

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Restorative Diploma

(22 lecture)

In this bundle, you will learn how to use dental photography & Digital smile design for case treatment & documentation of your cases with a modern and professional way, how to restore a tooth from A to Z starting from endo, composite restorations ends by period aesthetic

Courses in this bundle:

  1. Access Cavity Preparation
  2. Laser Bleaching
  3. Broken File Bypass: When, Why & How (bypass like a boss)
  4. Using Ultrasonics In Endo
  5. Management Of Open Apex & Perforations Repair
  6. Broken file retrieval
  7. 3D Cleaning and shaping
  8. Negative Pressure Irrigation
  9. Vertical Prepartion
  10. How to Deal with Necrotic Teeth with Open Apex (Regenerative Endodontics)
  11. retreatment ( removal of gutta percha, tools & techniques)
  12. Obturation techniques
  13. Mastering Mobile Photography
  14. Digital Smile Designs (DSD)
  15. Advanced Tips of Ledge Management
  16. Professional Dental Photography
  17. Direct Composite Veneers + live demo
  18. Isolation From ZERO to HERO + live demo
  19. Diastema Closure
  20. Posterior Composite Restorations
  21. Second Stage of Dental Implant Surgery + live demo


Dr Nermine Hassan

Ayman El Amin

Mostafa Anwer

Ahmed Shawky

Wael Saied

Mostafa Noor

Reham hassan

Abdallah Farouk

Omar kamal

Ahmed Alhakim

Ahmed Saad

Soulafa Belal

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