Pediatric Dentistry 3X1

Pediatric Dentistry 3X1

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Dentistry 3X1 Course Is a comprehensive course consists of three modules (1000 LE instead 1200 LE)

Included Modules:

  • Mastering Pulp Therapy in Primary Teeth.
  • Pediatric Prosthodontics ( Do it White or Black ).
  • Drug Prescription in Pediatric Dentistry -MEGA Version.

Drug Prescription in Pediatric Dentistry - MEGA Version (Separate for 400 LE)

Course Information:

  • Kids are Different in Drugs &Amp; Drug Resistance
  • Rules of Drug Prescription
  • Local Anaesthesia Doses &Amp; Toxicity
  • Kids Analgesics Outline
  • Kids Antibiotics Outline
  • Routes of Drug Intake Oral or I.M?

Pediatric Prosthodontics - Doing It White Or Black? (Separate for 400 LE)

Module Objectives:

  • You should go for full coverage in these cases.
  • Mastering stainless steel crown step by step.
  • Veneered and zirconia crowns.
  • Smile design for full mouth rehabilitation.
  • Composite strip crowns.
  • Figaro crowns.
  • Removable and Modified fixed partial dentures.

Mastering Pulp Therapy in Primary Teeth (Separate for 400 LE)

Module Outline:

  • You can succeed without pulp treatment.
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in primary teeth pulp therapy.
  • Pulpotomy Perfection Step by Step
  • Pulpectomy Perfection Step by Step

Course Lecturer:

Dr. Mostafa Nabil Hamid

  • Assistant Researcher of Pediatric Dentistry Department National Research Center,Cairo.
  • Assistant Lecturer of Pedodontics at National Research Center.
  • Speaker at more than 40 National and International conferences.
  • Multiple published papers and on the way to get a patency.
  • Moderator of multiple courses and workshops in different governorates in Egypt and Internationally.
  • Performed more than 400 recorded G.A and deep sedation cases in different hospitals..
  • Treating an average of 100± pediatric cases monthly through his clinic or referrals in other clinics.


Dr.Mostafa Nabil Hamid

Assistant Researcher of Pediatric Dentistry department - National Research Center, Cairo.

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