Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Ultrasound

Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Ultrasound

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Certificate provided - Course is Available in both Arabic & English

Meet Prof. Amal El-Sisi and Dr. Menna Elbarbary in the Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Ultrasound Basic Course.

In this course, you will be able to know:

  • what is the sonography?
  • what are kinds of probes used,
  • imaging orientation,
  • Critical Echocardiography,
  • Ultrasound ICU: Lung and Diaphragm,
  • Cranial Ultrasound for the diagnosis of different ICU cases such as hypoxia and ischemia,
  • Ultrasound used in the detection of some specific abdominal abnormalities


DR. Menna Elbarbary:

  • MD of pediatrics Cairo University Al Kasr Al-Ainy
  • Consultant of pediatrics abouelrich hospital
  • Subspecialty: pediatric sonography

PROF. Amal El-Sisi:


  • Professor of Pediatrics, Consultant Pediatric Cardiology Cairo University and Head of Neonatal Cardiology ICU.


1. General Paediatrics:

Dr. Amal has done general Paediatrics in Abou El Reesh hospital (Cairo University Pediatric Hospital). This is the biggest teaching children hospital in Egypt with total bed capacity of 750 beds including five PICUs. It has got all the high technology equipment and it serves as a tertiary referral hospital for all of Egypt. I have finished extensive training starting as a resident and gained enormous experience from the heavy workload there. She has also done general paediatrics as paediatric registrar in Alder Hey Children Hospital which is the biggest and oldest teaching children hospital in Europe.It is a tertiary referral hospital for all of the north west of England. she has done first on call for acute admissions as well as second on call for the inpatients. The job also included going on squads to transfer

sick children from regional hospitals to the ICU in which she learnt how to stabilize critically ill children and transport medicine. she had rotating registrar post in Respiratory, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology and Oncology.

2. Neonatology:

She worked for 4 months in SCBU attached to the maternity in Cairo University Hospital, which receives 6000 deliveries per year. It had then 25 incubators with ventilatory facilities. she has done 6 months as SHO in neonates in Gravesend Hospital which is a peripheral hospital with 1500 deliveries per annum. she has done all neonatal procedures as neonatal lines, umbilical catheters, intercostal tubes and basic cranial sonography. she is now the head of Neonatal Cardiology Unit.

3. Paediatric Cardiology Training:

she has done around 17 years of paediatric cardiology training. she has done both MSc and MD thesis in cardiology. she has worked during my training for 6 years in paediatric cardiology in 3 different centers in England: Freeman hospital, Royal Manchester Children hospital (Pendelbury) and finally in Royal Liverpool Children hospital (Alder Hey). she spent most of the time in Alder Hey as SHO and then Specialist Registrar. The cardiology ward was 24 beds, cardiac ICU was joint with the general ICU and had12 cardiac beds. There were 400 paediatric cardiac surgeries per annum both open and closed and around 450 catheters per

year mostly interventional. All activities are displayed on the hospital web site Cairo University Paediatric Cardiology department is a tretiary referral unit for most of Egypt. The out patient clinics for all pediatric cardiology subspecialities. There are routine echo

clinics daily with four up to date echocardiography machines. There is also echocardiography

service to all ICUs, cath lab and cardiac theaters. There are 2 biplane catheter labs with

around 400 cases yearly both diagnostic and interventional catheters are done.

Estimated Time: 171 min.


DR. Menna Elbarbary

PROF. Amal El-Sisi

Professor of Pediatrics, Consultant Pediatric Cardiology Cairo University and Head of Neonatal Cardiology ICU.

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