Nano-Biotechnology For Biomedical and Industrial Application

Nano-Biotechnology For Biomedical and Industrial Application

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Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine


Course Description:

Introduction to Nanotechnology provides a broad overview of nanotechnology, discussing the fundamental science of nanotechnology and its applications to biotechnology and biomedical fields.

Course Outlines:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of nanotechnology and nanoscience.
  • Awareness of different types of applications uses Nanomaterials.
  • Design and develop new nanomaterials. (synthesis and characterization).
  • Apply this recent technology in your field.
  • This course helps employees to improve and develop new products using nanomaterials.

We will discuss the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology and how the different basic sciences merge to create the field. Make big waves with the “Science of Small”. Nanotechnology is one of the most important technologies of today. Coupled with biotechnology, it can produce solutions that are cheaper, faster, smaller, and stronger in different biomedical applications. They are applied in almost every field, such as products for targeting and drug deliveries, dentistry, and cosmetics. With knowledge from these two interrelated disciplines, you can tap the diverse career opportunities across a spectrum of high-growth industry sectors in biomedical. You will develop a strong foundation in producing advanced materials such as polymers and drug Nano-carriers, to produce smart products for our evolving world.

Instructor Name: Dr Nouran Ahmed

Course Duration: 3:59:59

No. of Lectures: 4 recorded lectures

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