MRCPCH - AKP English Course (Live)

MRCPCH - AKP English Course (Live)

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Qualifying to September diet 2020

Duration & Lectures:

  • 5 months starting from 21/4 and ending at 4/9.
  • Exam date: 16/9
  • 29 lectures:

27 explanatory session for all parts of the syllabus.

2 revision, specimen papers, previous exams Recalls.

  • Weekly lecture on *Tuesday* 7 pm Cairo time (syllabus lectures) for about 3 - 4 hours.
  • To be repeated the following day over zoom streaming (Wednesday).
  • Data interpretation, radiology, photographic materials lectures will be on *Mondays* 7 pm Cairo time.
  • To be repeated following day over zoom streaming (Tuesday).
  • Lectures will be launched via ZOOM application.

Course Content:

1- Thorough explanation of all syllabus parts through lectures & provided course notes for each system of the syllabus.

2- Providing all questions banks (pastest & on examination) without the need to subscribe. Providing all necessary books through the telegram group.

3- Covering all clinical cases mrcpch books over the course lectures.

4- questions solving & practicing on a weekly basis with lecturers on course whatsapp group.

5- Solving previous exams questions through separate revision lectures at the end of the course.

6- Day by day follow-up with the lecturers through the course whatsapp group.

7- Day by day study plan from 1st day of the course till exam day.

8- Helping to create an account on Rcpch website and help applying for the exam.

This course has a version for Arabic speakers, as well. Check it below:

تتوفر نسخة من هذا الكورس للمتحدثين باللغة العربية، تصفحها أسفل

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