Microsoft Word - Basic Level

Microsoft Word - Basic Level

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Course Description:

In Microsoft Word - Basic Level course you will learn all Microsoft Word Basics starting from terms of typing in different languages , through adding all content types .You will also add illustrations , tables , shapes and pictures to the document , apply different formatting till it be in the final professional format and ready to save in any format you need or to print in the right way.  

Course Outlines:

·       Create your first document

·       Set language and direction

·       Typing rules

·       Format font

·       Format Paragraph

·       Copy, cut, paste and format painter

·       Find and replace text

·       Save and send files

·       Insert and format pictures

·       Insert and format shapes and SmartArt

·       Work with tables

·       Use company logo in the right way

·       Using MS themes

·       Change page color

·       Set page borders

·       Print Document

 Instructor Name:  Eng. Mina Mourad

Course Duration:   01:25:09

No. of Lectures: 2 recorded lectures

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