Microsoft PowerPoint - Basic Level

Microsoft PowerPoint - Basic Level

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Course Description:

In Microsoft PowerPoint-Basic Level course you will learn the concept of building a business presentation in an organized and systematic manner, how to choose the right slide layout for each content, insert all data types to your presentation such as Pictures, tables, charts or illustrations. You will also learn formatting the contents in a manner that is appropriate for the general layout of the presentation without causing any visual disturbance or distraction to the audience & by the end you will learn how to start the show to present the content.

Course Outlines:

·       Slide Layouts

·       Understanding presentation views

·       Font and paragraph formatting

·       Convert Text to smart Art

·       Copy, Cut and paste data

·       Save and send your presentation

 Instructor Name:  Eng. Mina Mourad

Course Duration:   02:24:58

No. of Lectures: 3 recorded lectures

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