Introduction to Clinical Laboratories

Introduction to Clinical Laboratories

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 Introduction to clinical laboratories course provides The Measurement of Biochemical Markers. Each Scenario Allows the Student To examine The Laboratory Assessment Process, Including the Impact of Pre-Analytical factors, Such as Specimen Collection and Handling; The Effects of Variation On The analytical Procedure; And The Importance Of Post Analytical Factors, Such As Communication Of Results. There Is A Focus On The Analysis Phase The Procedures Emphasize The Chemical Reaction And Detection, Sources Of Reaction Interference, The Types Of Specimens Used, Calculations As They Pertain To Determining Reportable Results Equipment for Specimen Collection, Details The Types Of equipment You Will Use During The Practice Of Phlebotomy Performing Venipuncture And Dermal Puncture, Includes the Step-By-Step Process For Both Venipuncture And Dermal Puncture. Detailed Descriptions, Possible Circumstances That Can Occur During The Process. Specimen Handling and Processing, Identifies the Requirements for Special Handling And/or Processing of Specimens Before, During, And After the Collection. Specific Collection Processes, Urine Specimens, Blood Smears, Centrifuge Operation, And Point-Of-Care And Waived Testing. Practicing Phlebotomy, Includes What You Need to Know To enter The Field and Practice as A Phlebotomist. Certification, Continuing Education, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Factors That Affect Laboratory Values, Specimen Rejection, And Risk Management Are All Addressed. Various Analytical Methods Are Used in Clinical Laboratories Spectrophotometric Detections Are Probably the Most Common Method of Analysis. In This Method an Analyte Is Detected and Quantified Using A Visible (400800 Nm) Or Ultraviolet Wavelength (Below 380 Nm). Atomic Absorption and Emission, As Well As Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Course Duration: 1:52:04

No. of Lectures: 2 recorded lectures


Dr. Amin Saber

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