Interview Skills and CV Writing for Pharma

Interview Skills and CV Writing for Pharma

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Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy


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Applying for a job is a skill everyone needs to harness, and practically speaking that implies getting your CV in shape and honing your interview abilities. Interview skills and cv writing for Pharma course is designed to make you an ideal applicant for the job you want. By the end of this course you will be able to create and write your CV in a professional way +know how to be ready of an interview +know what is the dress code +know how to deal with the interviewer and the interview Qs +know what’s your next step after you finish your a very valuable tool to help all medical reps to understand the selling process and how to be able to conduct it in a professional way with the objective persuading doctors to prescribe their medicines.

Course Duration:  05:53:37

No. of Lectures: 4 recorded lectures


Dr. Ayman Rabie

MBA in marketing from Brooklyn Academy.

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