Extreme Dental Bundle

Extreme Dental Bundle

Recorded Courses
General Dentistry, Endodontics, Digital Dentistry, Dental Implantology, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics


Extreme bundle includes 20 courses for special lecturers.

Condensed Content & Live Demos

Courses in this bundle:

  1. Using Ultrasonics in Endo
  2. MTA Application
  3. Negative Pressure Irrigation
  4. How to Select Best Cement for Each Fixed Restoration
  5. Management of TMJ disorders in dental clinics
  6. Proper Shade Selection
  7. Advanced Tips of Ledge Management
  8. Current trends in Soft Tissue Grafting utilizing both autogenous and allograft tissues + live demo
  9. Isolation from Zero to Hero
  10. Posterior Composite Restoration
  11. Principles of patient selection in implantology
  12. 3D Cleaning & Shaping
  13. Tips & Tricks of Radiography in Daily Practice
  14. Obturation Techniques
  15. Updates in Oral Surgery
  16. Laser in Dentistry
  17. Mobile Dental Photography - The Myth
  18. Professional Dental Photography
  19. Diastema Closure
  20. Anterior Composite Restoration


Dr Mostafa Anwar

Dr Ahmed Shawky

Dr Wael Saied

Dr Ahmed El-Leithy

Prof Ashraf Fathy

Dr Abdallah Farouk

Dr Waleed Kurdi

Dr Soulafa Belal

Dr Ahmed Al-Hakim

Dr Ahmed Saad

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