Environmental Pathogen Testing Program

Environmental Pathogen Testing Program

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Veterinary Medicine


Course Description:

Environmental pathogen testing program course provides A well-designed, regularly conducted Environmental Monitoring Program, utilizing a complement of best-fit testing methods, helps food facilities keep food products safe by ensuring that sanitation practices are effective and potential contaminants are being detected.

Course Outlines:

EPTP (Part 1)

-       Introduction to EPTP and Food Borne Pathogenic Bacteria

-       Factors enhance pathogenic bacterial growth (FATTOM)

-       Food Poisoning (Symptoms and treatment)

EPTP (Part 2)

-       Environmental zooning

-       Micro Swabbing procedures and corrective action

Environmental pathogen testing program in Food safety standards

Instructor Name: Dr. Alaa Nabil

Course Duration: 1:48:42

No. of Lectures: 2 recorded lectures



Dr. Alaa Nabil Hamdy

Food safety and lab Manager at Golden state foods middle east. Quality Deputy Manager at Americana KSA.

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