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Endo Bundle

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1/ Access Cavity Preparation

In this course you will learn scientific & modern ways using in access cavity Outline:

1. Objectives of Access cavity Preparation.

2. Traditional Access Cavity design.

3. Clinical Tips to achieve a Perfect Access Cavity.

4. Concept of Minimally Invasive Endodontics.

5. Different Minimally Invasive Cavity designs.

6. Tools to achieve conservative cavity designs.

7. Debate….!!!

2/ Using Ultrasonics In Endo

3/ Broken file retrieval

In this course you will learn about factors predisposing to instrument fracture How to prevent instrument fracture , treatment planning phases , broken files retrieval rules Selection of ultrasonic devices and tips Then what Conditions for ultrasonic broken files removal Media for ultrasonic files removal And What are the causes of separation

4/ Negative Pressure Irrigation

In this course you will know about irrigation delivery, safe clean negative pressure irrigation device How it works , simple final irrigation protocol , why using NPI, high quality disinfection And clinical case presentation.

5/ Retreatment (Removal of gutta percha, tools & techniques)

The course discusses the techniques and tools for gutta percha removal, the reasons for retreatment.

6/ Advanced Tips of Ledge Management

This course discusses Ledge Management starting from Ledge Definition giving spots on Etiology, How to Recognise the Ledge, Frequency, Prevention ending with Ledge Management.

7/ Broken File Bypass: When, Why & How (bypass like a boss)

In this course you will get information about: why the file breaks, factors affecting success and failure of bypass or even retrieval

8/ Management of Open Apex & Perforations Repair

In this course you will learn about apical plugs and caoh apexification and its drawbacks Advantages of MTA plug , treatment planning and clinical protocol , map one component part Open apex management iatrogenic floor perforation , factors affecting prognosis of perforation and Management protocols

9/ 3D Cleaning and Shaping

In this course you will learn about when it starts , cleaning and shaping as means and goals Material and tools to use , main steps of coronal flaring and glide path 5 different ways cleaning and shaping

10/ How to Deal with Necrotic Teeth with Open Apex (Regenerative Endodontics)

In this course you will learn Challenges in treatment of necrotic teeth with open apex Challenges in treatment of necrotic teeth with open apex , Different treatment modalities to deal with open apex , MTA apical plug defention and technique ,Regenerative endodontics. Tissue engineering triad ,Technique of revascularization. Intracanal medication types, drawbacks and modification 

11/ Obturation Techniques

The course discusses the root canal obturation techniques as thermoplasticized gutta percha, lateral condensation, thermomechanical, single cone and wvc technique.

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