Dermatology Prescriptions Course

Dermatology Prescriptions Course

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Dermatology Prescriptions Course (Online/ Recorded)

About this course: Online Dermatology Courses are leading dermatology teaching modality either by live webinars or by recorded lectures.

Course Objectives: Train you to diagnose dermatological disorders and to gain prescription skills.

Skills Gained: To gain prescription skills in treatment of different dermatological disorders.

Course Syllabus

Number of lectures: 18

Total course hours: 40

Course Topics: 

1. Prescribing in Dermatology 

2. Approach to Dermatological Prescription 

3. Prescribing in Bacterial Skin Infections 

4. Prescribing in Viral Skin Infections Part 1 

5. Prescribing in Viral infections Part 2 

6. Prescribing in Skin infestations 

7. Prescribing in Fungal Skin Infections 

8. Management of Acne 

9. Hair Disorders Part 1 

10. Hair Disorders part 2 

11. Prescribing in PSORIASIS 

12. Prescribing in Vitiligo 

13. Urticaria & Antihistamines 

14. Prescribing in Atopic Dermatitis 

15. Prescribing in Eczema 

16. Prescribing in Rheumatologic Dermatology 

17. Prescribing in Pemphigus 

18. Prescribing in Neutrophilic Dermatoses 

19. Prescribing in Vasculitis

Study Material: Videos


Dr. Ibrahim Farag

Dermatology Specialist and Online Instructor

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