CPHQ Preparation Exam Course

CPHQ Preparation Exam Course

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CPHQ Preparation Exam Course

About the Course:

The course consists of 16 recorded explanation sessions uploaded on a website, beside other question discussions videos. You will receive a username and password following your registration by which you can access the course system on the website.

Beside the recorded video sessions, the system contains:

✓ Power point presentations.

✓ Sample questions.

✓ Case studies.

✓ Assignments

✓ Illustrative videos on some topics.

Course Objectives:

This course in dr-Engy.com is designed for healthcare professionals who are seeking certification by the Healthcare Quality Certification Commission. The CPHQ Exam Preparation is an intensive review of the comprehensive body of knowledge that is designed according to the content outline of the CPHQ Exam.

Skills Gained:

You will have the ability to listen to the sessions as many times as you can.

- You can also finish the course in a duration less than that planned.

- You can join from any place around the world.

- You can access the course anytime using your username and password, even from

your smart phone!

Number of Lectures: 16

Total Course Hours: 70

Duration: 4 months

Study Material:

An email including the steps to login to the course platform (User name & Password).


Engy Abdel Raouf, B.Sc. Pharm, DTQM AUC, CPHQ (Aug 2010), BCPS (Oct 2013), CPPS (Oct 2015).

• Freelancing Healthcare Quality Trainer.

• American Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist.

• Team STEPPS Master Trainer.



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CPHQ Recorded Preparatory Course
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