Coronavirus Battle Africa: Online Event for Startups & VCs

Coronavirus Battle Africa: Online Event for Startups & VCs

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We know that many of you are locked up at home or suffer from the restrictions and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 situation all around the world.

Startup.Network team decided not to wait until things become better, but to fight for normal life for all of us:

We are announcing a new era of struggle against disease – Coronavirus Battles!

We are addressing all startups – wherever you are/ whatever you do – if you are fighting the coronavirus itself or your solution protects from infection or helps people to stay safe, your product supports people in overcoming the disease and its consequences – you are our HERO!

Book your slot now online to become part of our anti-coronavirus crusade

VCs, private investors, business-angels and funds from all over the world are waiting for your solution that will change the life of everyone for better.

*Participation is Free for Startups, Judges and Guests

We all are waiting to fund you and your solution.

Now is the right time!

Let’s fight!

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