Composite & Photography Bundle

Composite & Photography Bundle

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Composite & Photography Bundle

(11 Courses)

In this bundle you will learn from masters how to make a perfect composite restorations in different techniques & finishing of it , you also will learn how to document it very well using your mobile phone or DSLR camera with different gadgets & using DSD to design the best smiles

Courses in this bundle:

  1. Mastering Mobile Photography
  2. Mastering Dental Photography
  3. Digital Smile Designs (DSD)
  4. Mobile Dental Photography The Myth
  5. Professional Dental Photography
  6. Direct Composite Veneers + live demo
  7. Anterior Composite + live demo
  8. Isolation From ZERO to HERO + live demo
  9. Diastema Closure
  10. Posterior Composite Restorations
  11. Anterior Composite Restorations


Abdallah Farouk

Omar kamal

Ahmed Alhakim

Ahmed Saad

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