Comprehensive Endodontic Course

Comprehensive Endodontic Course

15 March, 2021 - 24 March, 2021
El-Rawda, Al Manyal Al Gharbi, Old Cairo, Giza Governorate, المنيل, Cairo, Egypt, Al Manyal, Giza, Egypt


5 Days Comprehensive Endodontic Course


1. Pulp Dentin Complex/Retrogressive Changes

  • The significance of structural elements and its physiological, pathological and age related changes on the diagnosis and treatment procedures
  • Physical and chemical composition and its influence on treatment protocols
  • Calcification pattern and types in young and adult teeth

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Participants learn how to identify endodontic disease from the signs and symptoms.
  • Diagnostic tests – how to correctly conduct and interpret the various tests
  • Endodontic radiographs – their significance in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
  • Pulpal pathology and how it affects the course of endodontic treatment.


  • Introduction and identification of routinely used endodontic instruments.

4. Internal anatomy

5. Principles of Access Cavity preparation

  • Objectives of Access preparation in modern endodontics
  • Significance of SLA in rotary endodontics
  • Toughing with ultrasonic ( for MB2 and MM)
  • Management of calcified chamber and use of munce burs
  • Temporizing the missing wall
  • Occlusal reduction
  • Access preparation of maxillary and mandibular teeth
  • Access preparation for carious and fractured teeth

6. Glide path preparation

  • Importance of glidepath in rotary endodontics
  • Methods – mechanical and rotary techniques

7. Cleaning and Shaping /Chemo-mechanical Preparation

  • Definition of Chemo-mechanical preparation
  • Mechanical and biological objectives
  • Objectives of mechanical and chemical methods
  • Initial binding instrument determination (IBI)
  • Final binding instrumentation (MAF)
  • Significance of tug back in modern endodontics

8. Irrigation and Intracanal Medicament

9. Obturation single cone,lateral Compaction, Vertical Compaction

  • Three dimensional Obturation 
  • Sealers Properties, use and different type of sealers, indications and technique of application; learn about monobloc effect and its significance
  • Newer obturating systems and how to use them

10. Nitti metallurgical property

  • Principles of Rotary Nitti Instruments

11. Post Endodontic restoration



  • Introduction of endodontic
  • Diagnosis is the key of root canal treatment success 
  • Case selection & Treatment plan 
  • Morphology of different individual teeth 
  • Access Cavity preparation. 
  • Workshop on access cavity preparation of different individuals teeth

DAY 2 

  • Bio-Mechanical preparations 
  • Rotary in Endodontics 
  • Management of severe curvature 
  • Endo-Perio lesions 
  • Single visit VS multiple visit 
  • Workshop on Cleaning & Shaping using rotary files


  • Obturation techniques
  • Endodontic Re-treatment 
  • Minimal invasive endodontic
  • Pulp & Periapical diseases 
  • Emergency treatment
  • Workshop on 3D obturation techniques


  • Isolation from “A” to “Z” 
  • Traumatic injuries 
  • Vital pulp therapy
  • Regenerative endodontics
  • Perforation repair
  • Workshop on Isolation techniques from A to Z

 DAY 5 

  • Management of broken instruments 
  • Management of ledged canals (How to bypassing) 
  • Learn all clinical tricks and tips for locating of extra anatomy 
  • Disassembly of coronal restoration 
  • Post & Core


Workshop on’ -Broken instrument bypassing -management of ledged canals (How to bypassing) -Learn all clinical tricks and tips for locating of extra anatomy -Disassembly of coronal restoration + Post & Core



American dental association (ADA) 

Experience certificate from the Dentex Academy


Event Date

15 March, 2021
24 March, 2021

07:00 ص to 05:00 م

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