Clinical Endo Dose Course

Clinical Endo Dose Course

8 January, 2021 - 9 January, 2021
6 Oct -El 11 district infront of culture and science city block No 64 first floor No 2, 6 October City, Giza, Egypt



*Manage Your Daily Endodontic Cases With Confidence*

1/ Diagnosis in endodontics

  • Better knowledge about pulpal and periapical diseases
  • Clinical examination 
  • Clinical tests 
  • How to read and interpret the PreOperative radiograph
  • Correlation between clinical and radiographic examination 
  • The 4 keys to reach a successful diagnosis

2/ Access cavity preparation 

  • Objectives of access cavity preparation 
  • Rules for Access cavity preparation 
  • Best tools to use for preparing your access cavity 
  • Pre Endodontic build up (why? And how?) 
  • Access design for each tooth (step by step) 
  • Bonus content : extra canals where? And how to search for them?

3/ Cleaning and shaping of root canal system (BMP): 

  • Principles and objectives of cleaning and shaping 
  • Shaping for cleaning (The Modern concept) 

4/ Principles of root canal preparation using rotary instruments 

  • Understanding your instruments ( Metallurgy, design, tip size, taper, kinematics) 

5/ Different types of rotary files available in the market 

  • How to use apex locator for accurate WL determination.

6/ Root canal Irrigation and disinfection: 

  • Why do we need to irrigate? and How? 
  • Different types of irrigant solutions and the use of each of them 
  • Activation ... why and how?! 
  • Final irrigation protocol

7/ Obturation: 

  • Why do we need to obturate ? 
  • Different techniques for obturation 
  • Master cone selection and fitting
  • Types of sealers and techniques of sealer application
  • Different obturation techniques using cold and warm gutta percha CLC technique, hydraulic condensation, WVC, CWC 

Live demonstrations: 

🦷-Access cavity preparation and canal location for a molar tooth

🦷- Rotary cleaning and shaping for a root canal following all the principals of rotary instrumentation

🦷 final Irrigation protocol and activation of irrigation 

🦷Root canal obturation and coronal sealing

Practical part: (Workshops) 

🔍 Candidates will work under magnification loupes during workshops 

💎Each candidate will do an access cavity preparation 📌Each candidate will learn and practice how to do canal location📌

💎 Do root canal cleaning and shaping following all the principles of Rotary canal preparation

💎Do sealer application and Root canal obturation using CLC technique

Instructor/ Dr. Peter Nabil

-BDS. Alexandria University

-Practice limited to Endodontics and restorative dentistry 

-Creator of #stepbystepEndodontics educational series 

-Educational content creator and course instructor in the field of Endodontics


Dr. Peter Nabil

BDS. Alexandria University

Event Date

8 January, 2021
9 January, 2021

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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