Endodontic Clinical Approach (Kafr El-Shaikh )

Endodontic Clinical Approach (Kafr El-Shaikh )

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22 July, 2021 - 24 July, 2021
سنتر البستاوي امام بوابه تجاره جامعه كفر الشيخ, Kafr Alsheikh, Egypt


محتوى اليوم الأول (Basic ) :

- How to perform a proper and efficient diagnosis in Endodontics 

-Clinical examination steps & Radiographic analysis 

-Treatment planning

-Access cavity preparation 

-Rules for successful access cavity preparation and tools 

-Access cavity design for each tooth 🦷 

-Working length determination 

-Cleaning & shaping (manual & rotary ) 

-Principles and objectives of root canal preparation  

-How to do efficient canal shaping using rotary instruments? 

محتوى اليوم الثاني (Advanced) :

-Irrigation protocol

-Different types of irrigation solutions used in Endodontics? And how to use each of them ?  

-Activation of irrigation! Why do we need to activate and How ? 

-Finial irrigation protocol for optimum Disinfection of your system ?! 

-Obturation (devices & tech ) 

-Why do we need to obturate ? 

-Types of sealers and techniques of sealer application . 

-Different obturation techniques used for root canal filling 

-Curved canal management 

-How to choose the best file for shaping of curvatures ? 

-Complications & how to manage

-Retreatment & mishaps 🌠

-Ledge management & correction 

-Broken file management & Bypass  

-Causes of file separation. How to avoid? And how to manage ?

-Tips & tricks for successful endodontic treatment

-Problem solving & open Case discussions 🆕🆕

-Clinical Cases In Endodontics 🆕🆕(شرح لحالات موثقة بالصور )

محتوى اليوم الثالث (Practical) :

* Live Demonstration for 

- Demo on Access cavity 

- Demo on Apex Locator 

- Demo on Rotary 

- Work shop (Access cavity)+Root canal shaping using rotary instruments (Latest Rotary device & System )

- Obturation WVC&ClC 

- Shaping of severely curved canal


Dr. Ahmed Abo El Khier

Event Date

22 July, 2021
24 July, 2021

08:00 ص to 02:00 م



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