Echocardiography Basic Course

Echocardiography Basic Course

General Practitioner (GP)
1 February, 2021 - 22 February, 2021
Cairo (Hospital selection is still taking place), Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


Echocardiography Basic Course

COURSE Content:

This course will discuss basic and advanced echocardiography systematic approach and interpretation in clinical context.

Course Chairperson: Dr Yasser Sadek, MD, FSCAI

Course Directors: Dr Yasser Sadek

  • Dr Abdullah El-Asry 
  • Dr Housam Magdy 
  • Dr Amr Kandil


  • Identify Echo views
  • Understand assessment of different cardiac structures.
  • Identify different pathological diseases
  • Echo assessment in emergency situations
  • Echo assessment in complex interventions
  • Introduction to special features in echo assessments (3D echo, contrast echo, TEE, dobutamine stress) 

Estimated number of sessions: 7

Estimated Time: 840 min.

Topic session:

  • Basic physics, image optimization and views
  • Basic concepts of Doppler and Hemodynamics
  • Assessment of left and right ventricular systolic and diastolic functions
  • Assessment of valvular and prosthetic heart disease
  • Assessment of coronary artery disease
  • Echo assessment in emergency situations and extracardiac pathologies (Aorta, pulmonary, pericardial, lung ultrasound)
  • Introduction to advanced echo assessment (Speckle tracking, TEE, dobutamine and 3D echocardiography)


Dr Haitham Badran: Professor of Cardiology Ain Shams University


Dr Yaser Sadek

Cardiovascular & Structural heart Interventionist

Dr Housam Magdy

Cardiology and Critical Care Delivery

Dr Haitham Badran

Professor of Cardiology Ain Shams University

Event Date

1 February, 2021
22 February, 2021

08:00 ص to 03:00 م


CardiologyInternal MedicineAnesthesiaEmergency medicineGeneral PractitionerFamily medicine Geriatric medicine

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