Dental Photography Workshop

Dental Photography Workshop

22 January, 2021 - 23 January, 2021
١٦ شارع الإذاعي صلاح ذكي - مساكن شيراتون - مصر الجديدة, Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt



2-Day Lectures and Hands-On

*Topics To Be Covered:

1-Introduction about cameras

2-What is DSLR camera and how it works

3-What are the exposure factors and how to manipulate them to get the correct exposure

4-How to adjust your camera settings and get perfect results

5-Dental photography

- how to get standardized images that will be approved by any dental institute

- learning the correct settings to get the perfect dental image

- dental photo tricks

- how to take artistic dental photos



-(How to take a picture and how to avoid the errors):

-Discussion about what camera to use

-Answering this question ... What if I don't have a macro lens and a ring flash .. Can I still take dental photos ?

The answer is yes ... How ??

You will know the answer in the course

-How to manipulate the light to get artistic and perfect photos



Dr. Shehab Eldin Mohamed

Certified dental photographer, Birmingham University.

Event Date

22 January, 2021
23 January, 2021

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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