4th Basic & Advanced Endodontic Course

4th Basic & Advanced Endodontic Course

15 February, 2021 - 17 February, 2021
٣٩ أبراج دارنا كمباوند أشجار دارنا بجوار كارفور المعادي الدائري عند البنك الأهلي المصري على الطريق الدائري مباشرة, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt


4th Basic & Advanced Endodontic Course

Course Content:

  1. Diagnosis.
  2. Case Selection & dealing with Endodontic Emergencies.
  3. Canal Anatomical Variation.
  4. CBCT & differences between it & 2D X-ray.
  5. Practicing extracted teeth access *& the differences between traditional & modern access.
  6. WL determination & differences between X-ray & Apex Locator.
  7. Mech prep techniques.
  8. Rotary systems in market & how to use them.
  9. Irrigation & Activation.
  10. Obturation techniques: Lateral condensation - Thermoplactisized - Single cone.
  11. New Obturation Techniques: Continuous Wave of Compaction - Cold Lateral Condensation & Synchronized Hydraulic Condensation.

2 Workshops

Instructor/ Dr. Peter Nabil

-BDS. Alexandria University

-Practice limited to Endodontics and restorative dentistry 

-Creator of #stepbystepEndodontics educational series 

-Educational content creator and course instructor in the field of Endodontics


Dr Peter Nabil

BDS. Alexandria University

Event Date

15 February, 2021
17 February, 2021

10:00 ص to 03:00 م

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