The Pulp Theatre Program

The Pulp Theatre Program

26 November, 2020 - 18 December, 2020
6 Octobor, Giza, 6 Octobor, Giza, Egypt


The Pulp Theatre Program


Diagnosis in endodontics

  • Better knowledge about pulpal and periapical diseases
  • Clinical examination
  • Clinical tests
  • How to read and interpret the PreOperative radiograph
  • Correlation between clinical and radiographic examination
  • The 4 keys to reach a successful diagnosis

Access cavity preparation

  • Objectives of access cavity preparation
  • Rules for Access cavity preparation
  • Best tools to use for preparing your access cavity
  • Pre Endodontic build up (why? And how?)
  • Access design for each tooth (step by step)
  • Bonus content : extra canals where? And how to search for them?

Cleaning and shaping of root canal system (BMP)

  • Principles and objectives of cleaning and shaping
  • Shaping for cleaning (The Modern concept)
  • Principles of root canal preparation using rotary instruments
  • Understanding your instruments ( Metallurgy, design, tip size, taper, kinematics)
  • Different types of rotary files available in the market
  • How to use apex locator for accurate WL determination.
  • Root canal Irrigation and disinfection:
  • Why do we need to irrigate ? and How?
  • Different types of irrigant solutions and the use of each of them
  • Activation ... why and how?!
  • Final irrigation protocol


  • Why do we need to obturate ?
  • Different techniques for obturation
  • Master cone selection and fitting
  • Types of sealers and techniques of sealer application
  • CLC technique in details

Live demo

  • Access cavity preparation and canal location for a molar tooth
  • Rotary cleaning and shaping for a root canal following all the principals of rotary instrumentation
  • final Irrigation protocol and activation of irrigation using 3 different methods
  • Root canal obturation and coronal sealing

Practical part: (workshops)

  • Each candidate will do 2 access cavity for 2 posterior teeth (at least 1 tooth should have a canal curvature) "Each candidate will learn and practice how to do canal location"
  • Do rotary cleaning for 2 canals following all the principles of Rotary canal preparation
  • Do shaping for 2 canals following all principles of rotary canal preparation
  • Do sealer application and Root canal obturation for 1 canal using CLC technique

Bonus content: our lecturer will be available for after course questions and technical support for the candidates


  • Introduction to the successful Endodontic treatment rationale.
  • Endodontic Anatomy Evaluation.
  • Endodontic Shaping
  • Filing Operation sequence.
  • How to get respectful shaping of the root canal system.
  • Manual before the rotary what to consider.
  • Myths around Endodontic files marketing how to choose.
  • The Anatomy & the shaping how not to violate ?
  • Shaping stratigies & techniques
  • Shaping the curvatures safely
  • Shaping Multi-planer curvature tips
  • Get the optimum of your apex locator & improve working length determination.
  • How to choose before you buy ( Factors to consider )
  • Literatures
  • Single files does it really like that ?
  • Avoidance of the errors
  • Different rotary movement.
  • The Hybrid shaping
  • Shaping difficult cases “S - Shape Curvature & 90 Degree Curvature“
  • How to Shape narrow Canal?


  • Which technique to use intro to the different approaches of Obturation
  • How to select your master cone?
  • How to avoid overfilling?
  • How to fill optimum space inside the canal?
  • What to consider before Obturation?
  • Does one method fits all the tooth ?
  • Sealers.
  • What to consider after Obturation?
  • Continuous Wave Of Condensation
  • Warm Vertical Condensation
  • Warm Vertical Without Device
  • Squirting Obturation
  • Hydraulic Condensation
  • Master Your Obturation
  • Diagnosis , How to Diagnose the Case ?
  • Importance of Diagnosis.
  • What diagnosis will add?


  • Master using MTA
  • Revasculrization
  • Apexification
  • Pulpotomy
  • Vital Pulp Therapy
  • Perforation Repair


  • What do you need to do before Retreatment ?
  • To Rettt or not to ?
  • Principles of Rettt.
  • 10 Difficult Cases Discussion

Live demos:

  • Access modifications & troughing using “ULTRASONICS” guidelines to different US usages.
  • Searching for extra canals , where & when.?
  • Incisors , which comes first access or prep ?

Live demo “Irrigation”

  • Better knowledge to your irrigation
  • Irrigation modification.
  • Proper & Cost effective way for Irrigation Activation with different techniques.

Live demo “Instrumentation”

  • Review of different 8 rotary system.
  • What to concider before buying a rotary file
  • Rotary hybridization.
  • Different Instrumentation Technique, rotation “Zone Technique, Tactile Control Activation with EDM “
  • Proper way for rotary safe prep & avoidance of Mishaps.
  • Decision making in curvatures .
  • Apical size Determination.

Live demo “Obturation”

  • Before we Obturate what to concider. ?
  • Master cone selection
  • Avoidance of the Overfilling.
  • Obturation according to the anatomy.
  • Different obturation Techniques “CWC, WVC, Squirting & Hydraulic condensation using Bioceramics”

Live demo “After Obturation”

  • Mostly missed steps after obturation.
  • All live demos are under Microscope


  • Endodontic Rettt and GP removal techniques.
  • Advanced Shaping
  • CWC Obturation
  • Squirting Obturation
  • WVC without Device
  • Access modifications by ultrasonic device


Day title: MTA...The never ending material

  • What is MTA?
  • From Formulation to manipulation
  • MTA delivery: THE MAP SYSTEM
  • The paradigm shift from Apexification to Apical plugs
  • Coronal sealing in Regenerative Endodontics
  • Vital pulp therapy using MTA
  • The MTA Sandwich
  • When to use MTA instead of Gutta Percha?
  • MTA in management of Root Resorption
  • Sealing the Root End


  • Master MTA manipulation and Delivery in perforation Repair

The live demo will be under microscope magnification


  • Master MTA manipulation and Delivery in perforation Repair


  • How to deal with the regular endodontic daily flow in your clinic
  • Starting with access
  • Shaping and mechanical
  • Cleaning and irrigation
  • Obturation
  • Cases discussion

Live demo:

  • Access cavity
  • Cleaning
  • Shaping
  • Cbturation

All live demo will be under microscope magnification


  • Importance of isolation
  • Armamentarium
  • How to apply rubberdam
  • How to deal with variety of dental clamps
  • Tips, tricks and different techniques.
  • Video demonstration for isolation and rubber dam
  • Workshop: each participant will apply the complete protocol of rubberdam isolation


  • Restore root canal treated teeth:
  • When Direct or indirect restoration
  • Different types of indirect restoration for root canal treated teeth
  • Guide lines for cavity preparation for indirect restoration
  • Bonding and finalising of indirect restoration

Live demo and video demonstration:

  • Live demo on preparation of indirect restoration

Workshops :

  • Preparation of indirect restoration


  • Indirect solutions in endodontically treated teeth:
  • Decision making in rct treated teeth
  • Classification of endodotically treated teeth
  • Compressive dome concept
  • Endocrown when and how
  • Post and core a reliable and effective way to procced
  • Ceramic materials classification key to a durable indirect restoration for rct teeth
  • New trends in all ceramic preparations

Live demo:

  • All ceramic prepration
  • Impression making of full ceramic preparation

workshops :

  • All ceramic prepration
  • Impression making of full ceramic preparation


Curriculum ( lectures+ demo ):

  • Introduction to Digital Photography.
  • Why go Digital? & Aims of Digital Photography.
  • Basics of Dental Photography.
  • Exposure triangle and How to manipulate it to get professional results.
  • How to Adjust your Camera Setting to the result in mind.
  • Recommended & Minimum Gear for Dental Photography.
  • Introduction to Camera Hardware & functions.
  • Different Dental Photography Accessories (Retractors / mirrors / contrastors)and how to use them the right way.
  • Learning the suitable settings to get a perfect dental image.
  • Lighting: Accessories and Benefits for Dental & Artistic photos.
  • Shade Selection through Digital Dental Photography.
  • Techniques of Taking Clinical Photographs.
  • Documentation on the go!

3 International Programs:


  • Development of pulp disease
  • Pulp response to different pulp therapy technique (primary and permanent are they the same)
  • Road map to accurate diagnosis
  • Visa to successful pulp therapy techniques
  • Pulp therapy for primary
  • (pulpotomy and pulpectomy) according to royal collage of Surgeons guidelines
  • Pulp therapy for young permanent teeth (direct and indirect pulp capping, pulpotomy, apexification) according to American association of pediatric dentistry
  • Regenerative endosontics (can we regenerate pulp less teeth)

Video demonstrations:

  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulpectomy
  • Apexification
  • MTA application


  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulpectomy
  • Apexification
  • MTA application


  • All candidates will be work under loupes magnification for the needed workshops
  • ⁦⁩⁦⁩ Each candidate must have two natural molar teeth one of them have a curvature



Dr Amr Abdelrehem


Dr Omar Kamal


Dr Ibrahim Elnaggar


Dr Ahmed Shawky


Dr Ibrahim Mansour


Dr Mohanned Nagib


Dr Omar Taher


Dr Peter Nabil

Event Date

26 November, 2020
18 December, 2020

10:00 ص to 04:00 م

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