The 2nd Basic & Advanced Endodontics Course

The 2nd Basic & Advanced Endodontics Course

10 September, 2020 - 11 September, 2020
6 أكتوبر - أبراج سوناتا الربيع – المحور المركزي – بعد سيتى سكيب مول, 6 October city, Giza, Egypt


The 2nd Basic & Advanced Endodontic Course with Dr. Mohamad Salah

🔹The Map and Guiding Principles for Successful Endodontic Treatment🔹

🔶 Lectures:

1/ Diagnosis tips and tricks on how to do a 1 minute accurate and definite diagnosis with workshops hassle.

2/ Access cavity preparation: Old vs. New access design guidelines (ninja access, truss access and carious driven access).

We will help you do Proper access cavity which is the key to find secondary canals like middle mesial, Mb2, Mb3, 2nd and 3rd canals in pre premolars and anterior teeth with ease.

3/ Mechanical preparation: we will discuss different methods for canal preparation using different rotary and reciprocation files how to mix different files systems and how to achieve a glide path. We will also talk about single file systems, heat treated files and reciprocating files. 

You will also learn how to do SCOUTING and find lateral canals.

4/ Canal cleaning and disinfection: In the new era of endodontics, shaping of canal is only done until proper disinfection of root canal system can be achieved.

In our course you will learn about different irrigations solutions, techniques of activation and disinfection protocols in vital and  necrotic teeth.

(Special tricks only in our course and tips most  endodontis don't know).

5/ Management of calcified canals, how to pass ledges with recent to Obturation repair perforations with different materials and instruments. 

6/ Obturation: You will learn how to fill main, lateral and accessory canals with Different obturation techniques (lateral condensation , warm lateral and warm vertical condensation techniques).

Advantages and disadvantages of Different obturation materials, different types of sealers (resin based sealer bioceramic sealer, etc.). 

🔷 Workshop:

🔹 Rotary cleaning and shaping with endomotors. 

🔹Warm vertical compaction with obtura system B. 

🔹You will also work with loupes to enjoy magnification.

🔹In the workshop you will use rotary files and endomotors from one of the best companies in the market.

💯 What makes this course special and worth your time and money?

📌This course is presented by one of the respected endontists in Egypt:

🌟Dr. Mohamed Salah has been using dental microscope for the past 6 years and magnification for more than 10 years. 

📌You will see many cases (simple and complicated cases) done by the instructor himself with over 2000 cases in his wallet.

📌This is a full day course with limited number of candidates for maximum benefit for candidates.

📌 The instructor will be available for open discussion after course time for any questions.

🚩 Course Duration:

   2 Days From 10 am - 6 pm. 

🚩 Location: 6 October City. 

📆 Date: 27-28 August , 2020.

      (Thursday & Friday ) 

♦ Coffee break & Lunch break are included. 

♦ Cancellation policy applied. 

Fees include (Lectures, Demonstration,workshops, Coffee break & Lunch break, Certificate) 

🚫Refund policy 

   50% Refunded before 20 August. 

   No Refunded after 20 August . 





Dr. Mohamad Salah

B.D.s Ain Shams Universit, M.Sc. Endodontics Ain Shams University.

Event Date

10 September, 2020
11 September, 2020

08:00 ص to 04:00 م

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