Success Perio Module

Success Perio Module

General Dentistry
5 November, 2020 - 6 November, 2020
٦ أكتوبر - الحي الأول - مجاورة ١ - عمارة ٧, 6 October, Giza, Egypt


Success Perio Module

Module Content:

- Periodontal disease diagnosis & treatment

- Decision making regarding surgical Vs non-surgical treatment

- Perio-ortho interrelationship

- Perio-restorative surgery

- Dilemma of gummy smile (how to diagnose and differentiate between different causes)

- Treatment options for gummy smile

- Functional and aesthetic crown lengthening

- Introduction to dental implant (diagnosis, case selection and planning)

Workshops (all on sheep head)

- Mastering ultrasonic scaling and curettage

- Different types of flaps (full and partial thickness)

- Gingivectomy for crown lengthening

Certificates: Accredited from ESOI & ADA


Dr Mohamed Ashour

BDS Ain Shams University - MSC periodontology and oral medicine - MFD " member of the royal college of surgeons in Ireland"

Event Date

5 November, 2020
6 November, 2020

07:00 ص to 07:00 م

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