Success Laser Module

Success Laser Module

General Dentistry
12 November, 2020 - 13 November, 2020
٦ أكتوبر - الحي الأول - مجاورة ١ - عمارة ٧, 6 October, Giza, Egypt


Success Laser Module

Module Content:

• Laser physics 

• Difference between Laser and normal light

• Types of Lasers 

• Main types of lasers used in dentistry 

• Laser tissue interaction • Different laser wavelengths and their Chromophores in human tissue • Advantages of using Laser over conventional treatments 

• The financial part of it 

• How laser increases your workflow 

• Laser Safety Precautions 

• Your laser device and how it works 

• Pre-set parameters and their disadvantages 

• Generalized dentinal sensitivity 

• Haemostasis 

• Photobiomodulation 

• Where did Erbium Lasers get their names from, and what are the differences between them. 

• Uses of Erbium Laser 

• Erbium Laser financial implication 

• All clinical applications for laser in the dental  

Certificates: Accredited from ESOI & ADA


Dr Hady El-Feky

Aesthetic Dentist

Event Date

12 November, 2020
13 November, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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