Success Endodontics Module

Success Endodontics Module

General Dentistry, Endodontics
9 October, 2020 - 10 October, 2020
٦ اكتوبر - الحي الأول - مجارة ١ - عمارة ٧, 6 october, Giza, Egypt


Success Endodontics Module

Two days (Rubber dam Isolation - Basic Endodontic course)


Day 1: Isolation:

  • Advantages of Rubber dam.
  • Types of frames and when to use which?
  • Medium or Heavy dam?
  • Winged or Wingless Clamp? (When, Which and How to use/apply)
  • Soft-tissue retraction clamps.
  • Floss uses.
  • Teflon in Isolation.
  • Double frame technique.
  • Double dam technique.
  • How to control leakage?
  • Flowable Composite uses in Isolation.
  • Mastering Single and Multiple Isolation 

Each participant will do (Practical work):

Isolation hands-on

  • Do quadrant isolation use wing and wingless clamp
  • Use soft tissue Brinker retractor clamp
  • Use Teflon
  • Do floss ligature
  • Learn and Do Inversion


Day2: Endo from (A to Z)

  • Basics of Access Cavity
  • Modern Access Cavity Design (Ninja / Truss ) from myth to reality
  • Different methods to detect conflicting anatomies (how to avoid missing canals?)
  • 3d cleaning and shaping to respect complexity of the pulp
  • Mechanical preparation (Manual Vs Rotary )
  • Roll of Irrigation in Endodontic Treatment
  • Different Types of Activation of Irrigation
  • 3d Obturation Techniques

Hands on:

  • Access Cavity Prep to Molar and Premolar 
  • Mechanical Prep (Manual and Rotary)
  • Obturation


  • Each candidate will work under magnification (loops 3-5x)
  • The demo will be under microscope for highest benefits to the attendee

Certificates: Accredited from ESOI & ADA


Dr Omar Tarek

Event Date

9 October, 2020
10 October, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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