Success Crown Module

Success Crown Module

Prosthodontics, General Dentistry
22 October, 2020 - 24 October, 2020
٦ أكتوبر - الحي الأول - مجاورة ١ - عمارة ٧, 6 October , Giza, Egypt


Success Crown Module 

Duration: 3 days


First Day:

  • The way to proper diagnosis and case selection for fixed prosthodontics and making the optimum treatment planning and design
  • Tooth preparation fundamentals and rules ; the basic kays for successful preparation
  • Master different types of tooth preparation for anterior and posterior teeth with different types of prosthetic materials options
  • Proper bridge treatment planning and design
  • Laminate veneer
  • Verti prep concept and workflow from prep to cementation.
  • Errors and mishaps in tooth preparation and managing Practical Live demo and practice on :- Anterior crown prep Posterior crown prep Laminate veneer prep


Second Day:

  • Restorability of endodontic treated teeth and decision making in posting and/ or crowning the tooth >> (When Do and When Not).
  • Orientation of the present types and materials of post and core in the clinical store.
  • Orientation of the varies techniques and steps of post and cores build up ( Direct , Indirect , Customization ) ( How and When )
  • Simple selection protocol of the material, length and width of the prefabricated post and core Endocrown treatment planning, material selection and workflow from preparation to cementation.


  • Live Demo on Post Preparation
  • Live Demo on Different Custom Made Post Impression Techniques
  • Live Demo and Practice on Endocrown Preparation


Third Day:

  • Tissue retraction materials and techniques as ( Retraction cord size , Material and Impregnation with Single or Double CCord Techniques )
  • Different types of impression materials and techniques as ( Condensation Vs Addition Materials with one step Vs two step techniques ) errors , tips and tricks
  • Bite registration materials , techniques, errors , tips and tricks , face bow record ,and semi-adjustable articulator mounting
  • Provisional restoration materials, techniques, errors, tips and tricks
  • Proper Shade Selection Techniques, Errors, Tips and Tricks and Lab Communication
  • Lab Work Checking , Try in Verification and Lab Errors Managing
  • Final Restoration Checking and Occlusion Checking and Adjustment
  • Different types of Cementation materials and techniques (Conventional Vs Adhesive Resin Cementation). 


Live Demos on The Different Workflow Steps

Certificates: Accredited from ESOI & ADA


Dr Abdel Azeem

Assistant lecturer fixed prosthodontics south valley university - PhD studies fixed prosthodontics- minya university

Event Date

22 October, 2020
24 October, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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