Mega Dental Programme

Mega Dental Programme

Endodontics, General Dentistry
1 October, 2020 - 9 October, 2020
Alexandria, Smouha, Mohamed karrem School ST, Middle East Center, Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt


Mega Dental Program

First Module: Endodontics Program (Days: 1-2 / 10)


1- Diagnosis for Successful Treatment Plan.

2- Access Cavity: The Entrance to the Root Canal World.

3- Manual Shaping: The Game of Professionals.

4- Rotary Endodontics and Chemo Mechanical Concept.

5- Irrigation Protocols.

6- Working Length Determination.

7- Single File Systems.

8- Obturation: Sealing to gain healing.


Dr. Mohamed Hossam

Dr. Mohammed Nageeb Zeyada


Access Cavity, Rotary Instrumentation, and Warm Vertical Compaction Obturation demos.

🛠️ Workshops:

Every attendee will:

  • Access Cavity.
  • Clean and Shape using Rotary File.

Second Module: Anterior, Posterior Composite and Rubber Dam Isolation (Days: 8-9 / 10)

Speaker: Dr Ibrahem Abdelmonem

Day 1:


- Why Rubber Dam?

- Armamentarium of Isolation.

- Different Types of Clamps.

- Techniques of R.D Application.

- Uses of Floss in Isolation.

- When to Place Rubber Dam?

- Tips and Tricks for Deep Margin Isolation.

Hand out (workshop):

  • Posterior and anterior isolation and floss tie.
  • Class v caries and how to isolate.


- Composite Application from A to Z.

- Bond Generations and What to Buy?

- Mastering Class 2 Composite.

-Types of Rings in Market.

- Understanding Caries Removal.

- Cavity Design.

- Centripetal Build up Technique.

- Snow Plow Technique.

- Fabianelli Modification on Centripetal.

- Injection Moulding Technique.

- Stamp Technique

- DMA & DME / delayed wedging / 2 steps wall build up.

- Types of Matrices in Market.

- MMS (Matrix Selection System).

- How to choose appropriate matrix for different situations

- Materials & Instruments in Egyptian Market.


DAY 2:


- Importance of Anterior Photography.

- Case Analysis.

- Smile Design Idea.

- Shade Selection Dilemma.

- Methods of Anterior Composite Application.

- Layering Protocol.

- Matrices Used in Ant.

- Diastema Closure Cases.

- Direct Composite Veneers .

- Finishing & Polishing Protocol .

- Cases for Discussion.

🛠️ WorkShops:

  • Workshop demo on Class 4 & Composite Veneer showing Finishing & polishing protocol
  • Every attendee will do Class 4 and Composite Veneer.

Hand out (Workshop):

  • Class 2 using centripetal technique and injection moulding.
  • Every Attendee will do Class 2 Composite Snow plow Technique


Dr. Mohamed Hossam

Dr. Mohammed Nageeb Zeyada

Dr. Ibrahem Abdelmonem

Event Date

1 October, 2020
9 October, 2020

08:00 ص to 04:00 م

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