Mastering Adhesive Dentistry

Mastering Adhesive Dentistry

29 October, 2020 - 31 October, 2020
Target for Interactive Education, 6th of October., Giza, Egypt


Mastering Adhesive Dentistry – Offline Course

Course Description

The course will includes Three modules:

  • Anterior direct restoratives,
  • Posterior direct restoratives,
  • Field isolation using updated techniques and approaches based on Academic and clinical background.

Module 1 : Field Isolation in Restorative Dentistry

  • Different techniques for restorative field isolation.
  • The state of art of rubber dam isolation
  • Full clinical guide for successful application of rubber dam in the anterior and posterior regions.
  • Different rubber dam systems and what to choose.
  • Different types and designs of rubber dam clamps and when to use what.
  • Customized template technique
  • Recent tips and tricks in field isolation and how to isolate different complex restorative cases.
  • Different uses and applications of Teflon in field isolation
  • Isolation of deeply seated cavities in the anterior and posterior regions.
  • The hybrid isolation technique
  • The use of silicones in field isolation
  • Hands-on 1: Field isolation in the anterior area and the posterior area.
  • Hands-on 2: Different applications of Teflon in field isolation

Module 2: Anterior Direct Restoratives

  • Color parameters and how to mimic tooth optical properties using natural layering concept.
  • Applying digital dentistry in daily case analysis for highly esthetic outcomes.
  • How to select the right composite system to meet the practitioner and the patient needs.
  • Solving the dilemma of shade selection and how to apply the custom shade concept.
  • Trendy tips and tricks in cavity preps for all direct restorations starting from cl III to direct laminates.
  • Contoured matrices in anteriors and how to customize matrices according the case.
  • Types and shapes of instruments for direct anterior restoratives and when to use what.
  • Resin composite layering from simplified to advanced with reproduction of all internal and external anatomy.
  • Special effects and tinting in anterior restorations.
  • Finishing and polishing: life-like contours, macro and micro texture.
  • Portfolio of different clinical situations and their solutions
  • Direct veneers.
  • Hands-on 3: Direct cl IV restoration using silicone index and contoured matrices.
  • Hands-on 4: Direct veneer.
  • Hands-on 5: Finishing and polishing using subtraction technique on composite blocks ( Morphology Master Class).

Module 3: Posterior Direct Restoratives

  • Different cavity designs for direct posterior restoratives.
  • Importance of pre-wedging and protective matricing.
  • The proximal profile concept and which matrices to select for posterior teeth.
  • Different wedging protocol and when to use what; compressible, ultra-adaptive, Teflon or combination.
  • Different bonding strategies and which protocol to follow based on the latest scientific background.
  • Energy delivery to composites.
  • Stamping life style.
  • Imitation and bio-copy technique in class I restorations.
  • Ring selection and Custom ring technique.
  • Bond and bulk it concept.
  • Bulk and final layer stratification concept.
  • Different tinting protocols in posterior restoratives.
  • Finishing and polishing and which protocol to follow.
  • Deep Marginal elevation.
  • Hands-on 6: cl II layering
  • Hands-on 7: cl II bulk with final layer stratification


  • ☕️Coffee break & 🍔lunch break are included.
  • Extra fees for ADA certification

Speaker/ Dr Ahmed Tarek Farouk

  • Restorative and esthetics specialist.
  • Master degree in Restorative and esthetics dentistry, cairo university.
  • Assistant lecturer at restorative dentistry department, MIU university.
  • IADR, AACD member.
  • Restorative instructor in many national and international courses.
  • Former visiting lecturer at Dundee university.
  • Restorative masters program in egypt.
  • Visiting lecturer in many public and private universities.



Restorative and esthetics specialist.

Event Date

29 October, 2020
31 October, 2020

08:00 ص to 05:30 م

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