Front Line Medicine (FLM) Mini Conference

Front Line Medicine (FLM) Mini Conference

Rural Medicine, Emergency Medicine
14 August, 2021 - 20 August, 2021
Adventure Consultants Geo Dome Camp, McKerrow Range, Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand, Wanaka, New Zealand, Wanaka, New Zealand



Front Line Medicine Mini ConferenceIn collaboration with Adventure ConsultantsMini as small numbers10 people! with the following schdule:

Conference schdule:

Day1 Arrival (Wanaka)Weather Window

.Arrive in Wanaka

• Personal time (this day will follow day 2 schedule if the weather means we have to depart a day early for the Geo Dome camp)​

Day 2 (Wanaka)Topic - More than a Doctor

• Welcome and registration 2pm

• Briefing about Geo Dome Camp

• Presentation/discussion (2hrs)

Day 3 (Wanaka to Geo Dome Camp McKerrow Range)Topic - Case-based discussions

• Transfer to Geo Dome Camp

• Risk management sessions

• Peer review (1hr)

• Presentations/discussion (2hrs)

Day 4 (Geo Dome Camp)Topic - pre-hospital/critical decision making

• Risk management sessions

• Peer review (1hr)

• Presentations/discussion (2hrs)

Day 5 (Geo Dome Camp)Topic -The future of acute medical care

• Risk management sessions

• Peer review (1hr)

• Presentations/discussion (2hrs)

Day 6 (Geo Dome Camp McKerrow Range to Wanaka)Topic - Risk and resilience

• Risk management sessions• Peer review (1hr)

• Return to Wanaka and final presentation/discussion (2hrs)

• Closing

Day 7 (Wanaka)Weather window

• Personal time (this day will follow day 6 schedule if the weather means we have to leave a day later for Geo Dome camp)


• Update on current practices utilising case based presentation and discussion to achievethis.

• Develop skills to deal with pre hospital emergency situations and improve criticaldecision making.

• Develop strategies and tools for maintaining resilience and managing risk in a acute frontline medical work place.

• Develop a better understanding of what being an SMO means in an EmergencyMedicine/Urgent Care setting .

• Develop and improve presentation skills utilising short form presentations techniques.


15th - 21st August 2021


McKerrow Range Geo Dome camp with Adventure Consultants in Wanaka.

Extra details will be available as soon as possible.

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Medicine Our Way Ltd

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