Fixed Prosth & Occlusion Basics

Fixed Prosth & Occlusion Basics

11 March, 2020 - 15 March, 2020
4 Emad eldin from Abbas elakad 3rd floor above koshary tahrir, nasr city, Cairo, Egypt


Comprehensive Prosthodontics and Occlusion Basics . ●Day 1: -Diagnosis and treatment planning in fixed prosthodontics. -Designing your fixed dental prosthesis. -Material selection and decision making in fixed prosthodontics. - The four-level approach in treatment planning. -Principles of tooth preparation. -Improving the quality of teeth preparation. -Tooth preparation for metal-ceramic restorations (PFM). #Workshop: Tooth preparation for metal-ceramic restorations. ==================== ●Day 2: -All-ceramic restorations (Types and uses of Dental ceramics - Ceramic selection in different designs) from Emax to dufferent types of Zirconia restorations. - CAD/CAM restorations and tooth prep. for CAD/CAM restorations. -Shade selection for highly aesthetic restorations. -Anterior and posterior all ceramic tooth preparation. -Tips and tricks to improve esthetics of fixed restorations. -Finshing & Polishing Protocol -Inlays and onlays. #Workshop: Different types of preparation. -Tooth preparations for anterior and posterior all ceramic restorations. -Tooth preparation Inlays, onlays . =================== ●Day 3: -Different impression materials and techniques. -Addition Silicone Vs. Condensation Silicone impression materials. -One-step Vs. Two-step impression (How to do and when to decide which technique to use). -Tissue retraction and use of retraction cord (Different sizes of cord - single cord vs. Double cording techniques; when and how to do). -Esthetic provisional restorations. (Fast and predictable technique and tricks). #Workshops: Impressions Full crown and bridge work (prep. + impression + provisional + cementation). ===================== ●Day 4: -Try in and verification. -Lab communication between the dentist and the lab technician. -Detecting and correcting different lab mistakes. -Final cementation and delivery. -Resin cementation of different all-ceramic restorations. (Emax and zirconia) - Full Crown and Bridge workflow. -Post operative instruction and home care of fixed prosthodontics. -Understanding occlusion in your daily practice. -Proper assessment of occlusion; from before you start the treatment, to after the final cementation. -The world of articulating papers (Which type to buy, and how to use them properly) -High spots on a crown or a bridge? How to detect and properly adjust the final restoration without destroying your restoration. -Bite registration in your daily practice. Which material to use? How many teeth to record? On which side should you register the bite? Before or after tooth preparation? A step-by-step clinical guide to bite registration and occlusal adjustment. =============== ●Day 5: - Management of Endodontically treated teeth (Diagnosis and checking restorability of teeth). -When to post? When to crown? When to only restore with composite? -Endocrowns (Preparation- uses - steps and cementation). -Post and core (selecting the size and length of the post easy and simple) -Fiber post and composite core. -Metal posts and composite cores. -Occlusal Overlay #Workshop: Endocrown preparation Fiber post and composite core buildup Occlusal Overlay Prep ==================== Our Special Speaker: Dr.Ahmed El-Leithey Lecturer of Fixed Prosthodontics at Al.Azhar University ------------- Course Date in Cairo: 11,12,13,14&15 March Course fees : Early bird: 3400 till 20 Feb Late Reg: 4400 after 20 Feb

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11 March, 2020
15 March, 2020

10:09 ص to 08:00 ص

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