ECG Course

ECG Course

General Practitioner (GP)
27 December, 2020 - 30 December, 2020
Cairo (Hospital selection is still taking place), Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


ECG Course

COURSE Content:

This course will discuss all electrophysiological changes related to different ECG patterns and interpretation.

COURSE Directors:

  • Dr Yasser Sadek, MD, FSCAI
  • Dr Haitham Badran. MD
  • Dr Housam Magdy MSc


  • Identify the 12 leads of the ECG.
  • Identify origin of different ECG waves.
  • Know the origin of ECG waves and complexes.
  • Stepwise approach of interpreting ECG.
  • Identify common ECG abnormalities.

Estimated number of sessions: 4

Estimated Time: 360 min.


  • Basic Knowledge of ECG
  • ECG analysis
  • Tachyarrhythmia
  • Bradyarrhythmia
  •  Ischemic changes 
  • Electrolytes disturbances
  • Miscellaneous


1/ Dr. Yasser Sadek

Dr. Yasser Sadek is a cardiovascular & structural heart interventionist.

He is a consultant of cardiovascular diseases at National Heart Institute ,Cairo-Egypt and assistant professor in faculty of medicine,Helwan university 

Dr. Sadek acquired his Master and Doctorate degrees of Cardiology and peripheral vascular diseases from Ain Shams University. He is a Member of European society of cardiology since 2008 and also he is a colleague of peripheral and cardiac intervention at San Matteo University,Pavia – Italy.

He treats adult patients with various cardiac disorders and specializes in Interventional Cardiology with special interest in coronary physiology, intracoronary imaging, complex intervention,chronic total occlusions, endovasular aortic and peripheral disorders management and transcatheter heart valve interventions.

Dr. Sadek currently serves as the Cardiac unit manager in Cleopatra group hospitals , Cairo , Egypt. he has over 15 publications in national and international peer-review journals, and he had many accepted challenge cases in national and international meeting (TCT,PCR,ESC and MEET THE MEET).

2/ Dr. Housam Magdy

Dr. Housam Magdy graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al Aini Cairo University. He has 6 years of professional experience in clinical practice in the field of cardiology and critical care delivery working in both public and private hospitals in Egypt. His experience encompasses a number of hospitals where he

served at: Kasr Al-Ainy and Ain Shams University Hospitals and in the private sector he served at Saudi German Hospital Branch, Dar El-Hikma Hospital, Palestine Hospital, and Cleopatra Group Hospitals under different occupational capacities. Housam is currently working as Deputy Managing Director and Cardiology

Specialist in Badr University Hospital; affiliate teaching hospital to Helwan University. In his private practice he works as a Cardiology Registrar in Saudi

German Hospital; a JCI certified private hospital. Internationally he received clinical training in Addenbrookes Hospital (Cambridge University, UK) and Royal

Infirmary Hospital (Glasgow University, UK) where he connected with international experts in the field there.

Housam has significant contribution in research where he published his work in reputable medical journals. In addition, he contributed in national and international

conferences where he contributed with presentations and case reports. Housam is certified from the American Heart Association in advanced cardiac life

support, from the Egyptian Resuscitation Council in basic life support, and from European Resuscitation Council in immediate life support. He received his master

degree in cardiovascular medicine in 2017 and is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Ain Shams University


Dr Yaser Sadek

Cardiovascular & Structural heart Interventionist

Dr Housam Magdy

Cardiology and Critical Care Delivery

Event Date

27 December, 2020
30 December, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م


Cardiology Internal MedicineAnesthesiaEmergency medicineGeneral Practitioner Family medicineGeriatric medicine

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