Denteam's Pedodontics Course

Denteam's Pedodontics Course

5 March, 2020 - 8 March, 2020
"38 Ali Amin, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt", Cairo, Egypt


⭐ ⭐ DenTeam's Pedodontic Course ⭐ ⭐

لو بتحب البيدو .. الكورس دة ليك 😉 ❤

٣٢ ساعة لمدة ٤ ايام مكثفة هتغطي كل اللي بيهمك في البيدو من محاضرات وعملي from Basic to Advanced

.. المحتوى متجهز مخصوص عشان يحققلك الاستفادة اللي ترضيك وتخليك متمكن من جوانب كتير تخص واحد من اهم واصعب مجالات طب الاسنان ⭐

وهيكون تحت اشراف المحاضر المتميز د. مصطفى نبيل 💙

نبدأ بالمحاضرات ⬇️

::: Pulp therapy in pediatric dentistry :::

- Guidelines of pulp therapy.

- tips & tricks for successful pulp treatment.

- Recent updates of Pediatric dentistry pulp therapy.

- Step by step pulpotomy procedure.

- Step by step pulpectomy procedure.

- young permanent vital pulp therapy.. How to solve the dilemma.

- young permanent non vital pulp therapy.. The revascularization prachtical steps.

:: Drug prescription in pediatric dentistry ::

- Guidelines of drug prescription

- How to know the exact dose

- tradenames of the common drugs you should know

- prescription writing tips & tricks.

::: Pediatric prosthodontics :::

- why should we go for crowning in pediatric patients

- stainless steel crown tips and tricks

Stainless steel crowns step by step procedure.

- how to prevent failures in crowns fabrication

- zirconia crowns step by step.

- smile designing in pediatric dentistry

- fiber glass crowns.. The new trend

- Post & core in pediatric patients.. Types and techniques

-semi fixed appliances solving the complicated cases.

:: Space maintenance, preventive and interceptive orthodontics ::

- Types and needs of space maintainers

- How to choose the proper appliance

- When, how & why to choose ortho appliance

- how to manage badly decayed 6's

- cross bite corrections

- Oral habits managment

- Space regainer how to use them

⭐ وبالنسبة لل workshops ⬇️⬇️

Workshop 1

Pulp therapy:

Mta pulpotomy

Rotary pulpectomy

Injectable pulp dressing

Workshop 2

Pediatric Prosthodontics :

Stainless steel crown fabrication and size selection

Zirconia Crowns fabrication and size selection and smile designing for size matching

Fiber glass crowns preparation and selection

Workshop 3

Space manipulation

Demo of orthodontic appliances

Arch length analysis with mind mapping cases



ADA certificate for extra fees 🔖

📆5th, 6th ,7th and 8th of March 2020

📌 Location: SIGN ED.

38 ش علي امين امتداد مصطفى امين.


Fees include:

📜Certificate (32 credit hours)

☕️Coffe Break

🍔Lunch break

⭐ Workshops

Event Date

5 March, 2020
8 March, 2020

10:00 ص to 07:00 ص

Event Location


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