Denteam's Basic to Advanced Perio Course

Denteam's Basic to Advanced Perio Course

2 April, 2020 - 11 April, 2020
"38 Ali Amin, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt", Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt


⭐ Denteam's Basic To Advanced perio Course ⭐


مشاكل ال perio كتير 😔 .. وحالات كتير بتجيلنا العيادة مبنقدرش نحطلها ال treatment plan المناسبة دة غير ال failure اللي بيحصل لتركيبات كتير من غير ما نعرف السبب وحالات كتير مش بنبقى راضيين عنها ..

عشان كدة جهزنالك كورس بريو متكامل هتتعلم فيه كل حاجة من ال basic لل advanced وهتشتغل فيه 19 workshop مختلفة على مدار ٦ ايام و 2 module مختلفين تقدر تحضر اللي يناسبك منهم او تحضر الاتنين وتستفيد اكتر .. وبسعر مناسب 😊

الكورس هيكون تحت اشراف المحاضر المتميز والرائع 💙

⭐ Dr/ Mina Saad.

Member of the International Academy of Periodontology.

Founder of "What is perio? " mission.


🔍 الكورس هيكون عبارة عن 2 modules

➡️ Golden Perio Module

2nd, 3rd and 4th of Apr 2020

➡️ Pink Smile Design Module

9th, 10th and 11 of Apr 2020

تقدر تحجز اي واحد منهم او الاتنين مع بعض

➡️ Golden Perio Module

Day 1:

1-What's perio.

2-How to diagnose a periodontal disease."step-by-by step diagnostic procedures and recognizing the newer classification of periodontal diseases Confirmed by European Federation Of Periodontology"

3-How to treat a periodontal disease. "Journey through the periodontal pocket beginning from non-surgical management to the surgical phase".

4-Role of locally delivered & systemic antiseptics in periodontal therapy.

5-Periodontal emergency in dental clinic……diagnosis & management.

Day 2:

1-Perio interactions with other dental specialiities:


-Diagnosis and causes of differnet perio-endo & perio endo problem.

-Management protocols.


-Prosthetic considerations in relation to the gingiva.

-Pre-prosthetic periodontal precautions and protocols before beginning in preparation.


-How to deal with deep subgingival restorations without affecting periodontal health.


-Orthodontic treatment of periodontally involved teeth.

-Management of mucogingival problems before orthodontic treatment. "gingivectomy , gingivoplasty , frenectomy & frenotomy".

-Orthodontic treatment periodontal complications and management. (Dehiscence & fenestration).

2-Halitosis……causes & management.

3-Bony defects & furcation-involved teeth. "Causes & management"

4-Guided tissue regeneration different surgical procedures.

Day 3: workshop

1-Difference between full thickness flaps “Envelope flap & papilla preservation flap” and

Partial thickness flaps “Coronally advanced flap , Laterally moved coronally positioned flap”.

2-How to harvest connective tissue grafts & free gingival grafts.

3-Bone graft & membrane placement techniques.

4-Types of sutures “Single sling , figure of 8 & continuous sling”.

5-Minimally invasive guided tissue regeneration techniques (MIST) &(M-MIST).

6-Functional crown lengthening.

7-Frenectomy , frenotomy.

8-Functional crown lengthening.

9-Gingivectomy , gingivoplasty.

➡️ 2ND (Pink smile design ) module:

1st day :-


1-Smile design from a periodontal prospective:-

-Perio-fixed interrelationships.

-Perio-restorative interrelationships.

-Ideal prosthetic requirements needed for better gingival health & aesthetics.

2-Management of periodontal defects affecting aesthetics:-

-Dilemma of gummy smile:

How to diagnose and reach the possible etiology.

How to build a successful treatment plan.

Schematic approach for gummy smile management.

-Deep look into gingival recession:

How to diagnose and reach the possible etiology.

Risk factors for gingival recession. "Dental Vs periodontal"

Different treatment approaches. "from traditional techniques till reaching minimally invasive procedures"

-Dilemma of black triangle:

How to diagnose & reach the possible etiology.

Different treatment approaches for management. "Periodontal & non-periodontal"

2nd day

-Gingival enlargement:

Different types, causes & possible treatment options.

-Gingival pigmentation:

Different causes & appropriate treatment options.

"Workshops" (On Caw heads)

1-Esthetic crown lengthening techniques. "Apically positioned flap with ostectomy &/or with osteoplasty"

2-Bone sounding technique.

5-Minimally invasive root coverage techniques: Tunneling & VISTA , V-Y Bernotti flap "Zipper-like effect" , Laterally stretched tunnel flap & laterally stretched envelope flap.

6-Papilla reconstruction techniques.

7-Types of sutures: Cortellini suture , laurel suture & vertical internal mattress suture.


9-Gingival depigmentation technique.

10-Minimally invasive Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) techniques. "MIST & M-MIST"


📌 Location: SIGN ED.

38 ش علي امين امتداد مصطفى امين بجوار لابوار ومصرف ابو ظبي الاسلامي


Fees include:

📜Certificate (20 credit hours for one module .. 40 Credit hours for the whole course )

☕️Coffee Break

🍔Lunch break

⭐ Workshops

ADA certificate for extra fees 🔖


1350 LE for one module

2500 LE for the Whole Course

الاماكن المتاحة ١٨ فقط بالكورس والحجز باسبقية الدفع.

🚫 No Refund applied After 20/3

For Reservation or more Details contact us

through the page or

📞 call and whatsapp us

01065176418 , 01112788638

Event Date

2 April, 2020
11 April, 2020

10:00 ص to 07:00 م

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