Dental Excellence Diploma

Dental Excellence Diploma

Endodontics, General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics
8 October, 2020 - 13 November, 2020
٦ أكتوبر - الحي الأول - مجاورة ١ - عمارة ٧, 6 October, Giza, Egypt


For Every Fresh Graduated Dentist

Dental Excellence Diploma from Success Education Center Consists of 7 Modules:

1/ Dental Clinical Management Module (8 October)

with Dr Ahmed El-Qlamony

2/ Endodontics Module (9 - 10 October)

with Dr Omar Tarek.

3/ Operative/ Composite Module (15 - 16 - 17 October)

with Dr Amr Abdel Fattah Edrees.

4/ Crown Module (22 - 23 - 24 October)

with Dr Abdel Azeem.

5/ Pharmacology & Dental Surgery Module (28 - 29 - 30 - 31 October)

with Dr Dr Hany Salah.

6/ Perio Module (5 - 6 Nov)

with Dr Mohamed Ashour.

7/ Laser Module (12-13 Nov)

with Dr Hady El-Feky.


Orthodontic Module with Dr Mohamed Abou El-Azaem.

1/ Dental Clinical Management (Oct 8)

Dr/ Ahmed El-Qalamomy

You will learn:

  • All the information you need before opening your own clinic.
  • Choosing the best place for your clinic.
  • Patient Satisfaction.
  • Dealing with patients from different backgrounds.
  • The latest devices and materials used in dentistry nowadays.
  • Law & legalizations when it comes to having your own clinic.

2/ Endodontics Module (9 - 10 October)

Dr/ Omar Tarek 

Two days (Rubber dam Isolation - Basic Endodontic course) 

Day 1/ Isolation

1- Advantages of rubber dam?

2- Types of frames and when to use which?

3- Medium or heavy dam?

4- Winged or wingless clamp? (when, which and how to use/apply)

5- Soft-tissue retraction clamps.

6- Floss uses 

7- Teflon in isolation ? 

8- Double frame technique.

9- Double dam technique.

10-How to control leakage?

13-Flowable composite uses in isolation.

12-Mastering single and multiple isolation  

Isolation Hands-on:

1- Do quadrant isolation use wing and wingless clamp

2- Use soft tissue Brinker retractor clamp

3- Use Teflon

4- Do floss ligature

5- Learn and do inversion

Day2/ Endo from (A to Z) 

1. Basics of access cavity 

2. Modern access cavity design (ninja / truss ) from myth to reality 

3. Different methods to detect conflicting anatomies (how to avoid missing canals?)

4. 3d cleaning and shaping to respect complexity of the pulp 

5. Mechanical preparation (manual vs rotary ) 

6. Roll of irrigation in endodontic treatment 

7. Different types of activation of irrigation 

8. 3d obturation techniques 


1. Access cavity prep to molar and premolar  

2. Mechanical prep (manual and rotary) 

3. Obturation 


* Each candidate will work under magnification (loops 3-5x) 

* The demo will be under microscope for highest benefits to the attendee

3/ Operative/ Composite Module (15 - 16 - 17 October)

Dr / Amr Abdel Fattah Edrees

Day 1: ((Rubber dam isolation))

by attending this event, our candidates will learn:

- Benefits of rubber dam isolation.

- Instruments & armamentarium needed for rubber dam isolation.

- What instruments should you buy to add rubber dam isolation to you daily workflow.

- How to customize your instruments to reach the optimum isolation 

- use of floss in isolation & different flossing techniques 

- Rubber dam application techniques.

- How to apply rubber dam in different clinical situations and overcoming challenges for its application.

Hands on and workshops including:

-Anterior and posterior isolation techniques in different clinical situation 

-Using soft tissue retraction clamps.

Day 2: ((Posterior composite restorations))

Our candidates will learn: 

- Partial or complete caries removal dilemma 

- Modern cavity design for composite restorations 

- different Matrix systems in posterior restorations and what to use  

- Adhesion tips & tricks and how to select your adhesive system 

- Selection of the appropriate composite material in the different clinical situations (what to use ,why And when)

- Composite application techniques

- The simplest way to restore proper tooth anatomy (occlusal & proximal )

- Management of badly broken teeth & how to do deep marginal elevation 

- Finishing and Polishing Protocols. 

- Cases Discussion on Posterior Composite 

Workshop and hands on including:

-Proper matrix application & wedging  

-Class II composite build-up (Lower First Molar and Upper First Molar)

Day 3: ((Anterior Composite restoration ))

Our candidates will learn:

- Esthetics from different perspectives 

- Matrix system selection in anterior composite 

- Cavity design in anterior composite 

- Shade selection in anterior composite 

- Different techniques in anterior composite placement (layering & monoshade technique )

- Finishing and polishing protocol in anterior composite 

- different Cases discussion on anterior composite 

Workshops and hands on including:

-Direct palatal index

-Anterior layering technique in class IV

-Finishing & polishing protocols

4/ Crown Module (22 - 23 - 24 October)

Dr/ Abdel Azeem

First Day:

-The way to proper diagnosis and case selection for fixed prosthodontics and making the optimum treatment planning and design

-Tooth preparation fundamentals and rules ; the basic kays for successful preparation 

-Master different types of tooth preparation for anterior and posterior teeth with different types of prosthetic materials options 

# proper bridge treatment planning and design 

# laminate veneer 

# verti prep concept and workflow from prep to cementation. 

- Errors and mishaps in tooth preparation and managing Practical Live demo and practice on :- Anterior crown prep Posterior crown prep Laminate veneer prep 

Second Day:  

-Restorability of endodontic treated teeth and decision making in posting and/ or crowning the tooth >> (when do and when not). 

-Orientation of the present types and materials of post and core in the clinical store. 

-Orientation of the varies techniques and steps of post and cores build up ( direct , indirect , customization ) ( how and when )

-Simple selection protocol of the material, length and width of the prefabricated post and core Endocrown treatment planning, material selection and workflow from preparation to cementation. 


#Live demo on post preparation

#Live demo on different custom made post impression techniques

#Live demo and practice on endocrown preparation 

Third Day:

-Tissue retraction materials and techniques as ( retraction cord size , material and impregnation with single or double cord techniques ) 

- Different types of impression materials and techniques as ( condensation vs addition materials with one step vs two step techniques ) errors , tips and tricks 

- Bite registration materials , techniques, errors , tips and tricks , face bow record ,and semi-adjustable articulator mounting

- Provisional restoration materials, techniques, errors, tips and tricks

- Proper Shade selection techniques, errors, tips and tricks and lab communication

- Lab work checking , try in verification and lab errors managing 

- Final restoration checking and occlusion checking and adjustment

- Different types of Cementation materials and techniques (conventional vs adhesive resin cementation). 


Live demos on the different workflow steps

5/ Pharmacology & Dental Surgery Module (28 - 29 - 30 - 31 October)

Dr/ Hany Salah

Course Lectures Include:


•Injection Drugs and When To Choose

•Cases Which Need Antibiotic Prescription

•Problems Related To Antibiotic And Analgesic Overdose

•How to detect drug use


• Medical Emergencies In The Dental Setting

•Dental management of patients with certain medical conditions

•Proper prescription during pregnancy

•Writing a perfect dental prescription

•lab investigation needed in dental clinic Practical

Workshop 1: Basic life support and CPR On Adult and children plastic victim models

Workshop 2: All types of flap incisions On sheep heads.

Workshop 3: All Types of suturing techniques On Chicken Breasts.

6/ Perio Module (5 - 6 Nov)

Dr/ Mohamed Ashour 

Module Content:

- Periodontal disease diagnosis & treatment

- Decision making regarding surgical Vs non-surgical treatment

- Perio-ortho interrelationship

- Perio-restorative surgery

- Dilemma of gummy smile (how to diagnose and differentiate between different causes)

- Treatment options for gummy smile

- Functional and aesthetic crown lengthening

- Introduction to dental implant (diagnosis, case selection and planning)

Workshops (all on sheep head):

- Mastering ultrasonic scaling and curettage

- Different types of flaps (full and partial thickness)

- Gingivectomy for crown lengthening

7/ Laser Module (12-13 Nov) 

Dr/ Hady El-Feky

Module Content:

• Laser physics 

• Difference between Laser and normal light

• Types of Lasers 

• Main types of lasers used in dentistry 

• Laser tissue interaction • Different laser wavelengths and their Chromophores in human tissue • Advantages of using Laser over conventional treatments 

• The financial part of it 

• How laser increases your workflow 

• Laser Safety Precautions 

• Your laser device and how it works 

• Pre-set parameters and their disadvantages 

• Generalized dentinal sensitivity 

• Haemostasis 

• Photobiomodulation 

• Where did Erbium Lasers get their names from, and what are the differences between them. 

• Uses of Erbium Laser 

• Erbium Laser financial implication 

• All clinical applications for laser in the dental   

Certificates: Accredited from ESOI & ADA


Dr Ahmed El-Qalamony

Assistant Lecturer - Department of Biomaterials - Egyptian Russian University - MA in Ain Shams University

Dr Omar Tarek

Dr Amr Abdel Fattah Edrees

Assistant lecturer in Conservative Department, The British in Egypt (BUE) - Masters in restorative and esthetic dentistry, Cairo University

Dr Abdel Azeem

Assistant lecturer fixed prosthodontics south valley university - PhD studies fixed prosthodontics- Minya University

Dr Hany Salah

Master Degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, ASU - Assistant Lecturer of oral and maxillofacial surgery at ERU

Dr Mohamed Ashour

BDS Ain Shams University - MSC Periodontology and Oral Medicine - MFD "member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland"

Dr Hady El-Feky

Aesthetic Dentist

Event Date

8 October, 2020
13 November, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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