Crown, Bridges & Veneers

Crown, Bridges & Veneers

17 November, 2020 - 5 December, 2020
١٦ شارع الإذاعي صلاح ذكي - مساكن شيراتون - مصر الجديدة, Cairo, Egypt



Course schedule:

Day 1:

Crown and bridge ( Part 1 )

  • The way to proper diagnosis and case selection for fixed prosthodontics and making the optimum

treatment planning and design

  • Bridge design.
  • Special cases management.
  • Anterior and posterior prep ( tips & tricks).
  • Live demos and hand on practice on anterior and posterior prep .

(Metal-ceramics & all Ceramics)

  • Vertical prep concept from prep to cementation.

Day 2:

Ceramics and laminate veneer

  • - Recent ceramic classifications.
  • -Construction based classification (esthetics vs strength).
  • -Manufacturing and fabrication techniques.
  • -Monolithic, layered, cutback and CAD ON restorations.
  • -Clinical wise popular brands.
  • -How to choose the correct ceramic material and techniques (biomimetic concept and ceramic
  • clinical application).
  • -Laminate veneer recent classifications, when and when not.
  • -Prep and non-prep laminate veneer, how and when.
  • -Different laminate veneer preps and specific case variations and management.
  • Live demo and hand on practice.
  • Rubber index fabrication and calibration.
  • Different types of laminate veneer preparation.
  • Temporaization & cementation.

Day 3:

Endocrown and Crown & Bridge ( Part 2 )

  • When and why endocrown.
  • Endocrown preparation with tips & tricks.
  • Live demos and hand on ( endocrown prep) ( fixed prosthodontics workflow)
  • Tissue retraction materials and techniques as ( retraction cord size , material and impregnation
  • with single or double cord techniques )
  • Different types of impression materials and techniques as ( condensation vs addition materials
  • with one step vs two step techniques ) errors , tips and tricks
  • Bite registration materials , techniques, errors , tips and tricks , face bow record ,and
  • semi-adjustable articulator mounting
  • Provisional restoration materials , techniques , errors , tips and tricks
  • Proper Shade selection techniques , errors , tips and tricks and lab communication
  • Lab work checking , try in verification and lab errors managing
  • Final restoration checking and occlusion checking and adjustment
  • Different types of Cementation materials and techniques (conventional vs adhesive resin
  • cementation).
  • Live demos and hand-on the different workflow steps

Day 4

(post & core)

  • Restorability of endodontic treated teeth and decision making in posting and/ or crowning the
  • Tooth (when to do and when not).
  • Orientation of the present types and materials of post and core in the clinical store.
  • Orientation of the varies techniques and steps of post and cores build up ( direct , indirect ,
  • customization ) ( how and when )
  • Simple selection protocol of the material , length and width of the prefabricated post and core
  • Live demo on post preparation
  • Live demo on different custom made post impression techniques.

Course Duration: 27&28 Nov - 4&5 Dec


Dr. Abd Elazeem Mostafa

  • -Assistant lecturer fixed prosthodontics south valley university.
  • -PhD researcher Minya university.


Dr. Abd Elazeem Mostafa

PhD researcher Minya University.

Event Date

17 November, 2020
5 December, 2020

08:00 ص to 03:00 م

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